Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another List of Things I did today

List of things I did that were equally if not more productive than yesterday:
-Get out of bed ten minutes after waking up
-Sort laundry-
-Do four loads of laundry
-Fold laundry
-Hang up/put away clothes
-Finally put away suitcases
-Change out of my pajamas into real clothes
-Go grocery shopping
-Go clothes shopping but frugally don’t buy anything
-Go to T-Mobile store and get minutes added onto phone
-Take a shower
-Defrost the freezer
-Fix freezer door
-Make sandwich for lunch
-Make pesto pasta with chicken for dinner
-Clean out fridge in my house
-Clean out fridge in main house
-Do dishes in my house
-Do dishes in main house
-Put up towel hooks

List of things I did that were not more productive than yesterday:
-Wake up late
-Catch up on “Community”
-Catch up on “Modern Family” - be amazed at the three different references to the Netherlands in one episode as well as the guest appearance by Edward Norton
-Finish “Arrested Development”, plan to watch again and get excited for the movie
-Make plans to watch the full series of “Frasier”
-Write a list blog instead of actually writing anything

Word of the day: brood met kaas – cheese sandwich (literally bread with cheese)

I apologize for the blog...I promise tomorrow there will be a better one

Also on a different and self mourning note...A year ago today I had to put down my cat Bif. I had him for a little over a year and I loved him so incredibly much. He was quite the character...here's one of my favorite pictures of him. RIP

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