Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So as you may or may not know, my computer’s been broken for the last two weeks leaving me to wallow in boredom listlessly flipping through the TV channels attempting to find English programming till it’s time for bed. I know it’s been a while so over the next couple days I’ll fill you all in on all the exciting things I’ve been doing (since I know you’re dying to know.) But first allow me to tell you what I had to go through to get this stupid thing fixed…
Before I even came to the Netherlands, my top case was cracked, because of the way the computer closes. Then the speakers started not registering when headphones weren’t in so the speakers didn’t work on their own – only with something in the headphone jack. The disk drive was starting to not register DVD’s, but I just figured that meant they were dirty. Well then one day while writing an email, the computer went “please turn off computer” and lines appeared and then it shut off.
So I got on a bus for an hour and went over to Den Haag. There I found the Mac store, as well as someone who spoke English. Then I explained what happened. The problem was, they couldn’t diagnose the problem without me paying an inspection fee because there was no warranty registered with my computer. This I knew was wrong because when I bought this thing, I (and by that I of course mean my parents) spent way too much money on all the things the salesman convinced me I needed. So the guy gave me the number(s) to call and I was sent on my way. But of course before I left I said “While you’re at it…” and proceeded to list all the other above-mentioned broken items.
Saddened by being cut off from the rest of the world and the possibility of having to pay the equivalent of $1300 for a new one in the case of my current one being beyond repair, I wandered around Den Haag (in the rain I might add) and eventually stopped to buy a pair of extremely European shoes not made of cloth and therefore not likely to get my feet soaking wet like the converse I was currently wearing. Bad Mood: Helped.
Once home and over the next week, I set out on my to do list. I first had to get my sister at home to find the receipt, scan it, and email it to me. Then I had to wait until Pacific Standard Time hours (nine hours behind me,) to call and explain my situation and read off receipt numbers. Then I had to call the Mac store in Holland again telling them they had the go ahead and start fixing that baby.
And today…the big day finally came. One more hour long bus ride and a twenty minute walk, and I was presented with my computer, in prefect condition. I was so happy, the guy was laughing at me.
So now that the whole debacle is over, I am going to post this entry, put on the second season of Arrested Development, make some dinner, and listlessly surf the web till it’s time for bed. Till next time, Tots Ziens!

Word of the Day: schoenen - shoes

P.S. Happy Birthday Grammy!!!!

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