Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can you tell me how to get?

As I kid, I really REALLY enjoyed Sesame Street.  It was always on at the end of the day at preschool when we were allowed to watch TV while we waited for our parents to pick us up.
And recently, I've been watching way too many Sesame street clips on YouTube...see below.

Almost every clip they do on that show is genius!  They're so cute and funny.  I mean seriously...have you watched it lately?  The only thing I HATE is that Cookie Monster eats fruit...I mean...ugh.

When I was little I did a dance that involved five kids paired with five teens who were dressed like sesame street characters and we did a remixed version of the theme song.  I got to be with the count which meant that 1. I had the only boy. 2. I had a major crush on him. and 3. I got to be carried around on his shoulders.  And yes it was awesome.  I don't ahve a picture of it, but I'll try to find one later.

In high school we had to make a video about other countries economic and political crises and we took footage of sesame street and dubbed it with info on the Colombian Drug Wars.  OK maybe it wasn't appropriate for PBS, but we still found it funny.

In college in the drama department, group costumes are a HUGE thing.  My last Halloween of college, a big group of us decided to do Sesame Street.  Well, not exactly Sesame Street.  We described it as "The episode of Project Runway where they are asked to create a look for the BET awards based on characters from Sesame Street."  It was an ever evolving title.  But check out our costumes...

The girls - Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, and Big Bird

Bert and Ernie - they go'n cut you

Me with the Count and Cookie Monster.

Fien also loves Ernie.  Everytime we're on the Hoofdstraat she asks(in Dutch) "Do you have money for the Ernie car?"  If not, she still sits in it...

Of course, here it's in Dutch...and Big Bird is blue...

Well a few weeks ago, Katy Perry went and visited her friend Elmo over at Sesame Street in the hopes of playing with him.  And although she had fun, Moms asked that the video be bnned because Katy Perry was showing too much skin.  Which immediately made it an online sensation.  You can judge her outfit for yourself.  All I know is that I love it.

I just love the adult jokes that Sesame Street inserts when they have celebrity guests.  It's so cute.  You can even go on the Sesame Street YouTube channel for promised clean clips to watch with your kids.  Here's a couple more of my favorites...
It's really her voice. And notice the Tom Cruise Reference...

For all you Sex and the City Fans...

And I just love him...

This one's a two part of check it out.

But this isn't my first time looking up Sesame Street clips.  And i have to admit, only part of the time, it's with Fien next to me.  Here is by far my favorite.  My friend Pat (Ernie above...or Bert) even figured out the Piano and now has the sheet music for it.

And there's so many other...Michelle Obama, Colin Farrel, Jason Mraz, Ellen Degeneres...AAAHHH...too many!

Ok so I know that was a really random post.  But I feel like there was actually a lot of Sesame Street in my life.  So I thought I should share it with you.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Word of the Day: Straat - Street

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Ten: Father's/Birth Day

Both times I've typed the above title, I feel like it's linguistically misleading.  I want it to mean birth-day and father's-day.  But when I type it out it looks like it's my birth father's day.  Which I don't even know what that is.  I father is my birth father (right mom?)...I don't have a step dad or foster dad but when I put Birth Father it looks like someone other than who I would normally refer to as "my dad."  But then if I flip the two it just looks like Father's Birthday.  Which is also what this is.  Ok maybe I'm just way over thinking this.  You've probably tuned out already anyway...
Moving on...since I just did my long over due Father's Day post, I'm following up with my Father's Day...

But unlike Mother's Day with it's Mommy Dearests and Mrs. Robinsons, bad fathers don't make you love to hate just hate them.  So these are actually good fathers (ok most of them.)  So here are my...


George Bluth Sr. - Played by Jeffrey Tambor
Arrested Development

Cliff Huxtable - Played by Bill Cosby
The Cosby Show

Scott Calvin - Played by Tim Allen
The Santa Clause
(My dad's initial's are also SC - we use it to convince him that he too, is Santa Claus)
(Also, I chose this one over Home Improvement even though Tim Allen is also an awesome Dad in that one)

Mr. Bennet - Played by Donald Sutherland
Pride & Prejudice
(And all other Jane Austen dads)

King Triton - Voiced by Kenneth Mars
Little Mermaid
(My dad used to say "Ariel" just like he did when I was "in trouble")

Professor Henry Jones - Played by Sean Connery
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Clark Griswold - Played by Chevy Chase
Any and All, but most importantly, Christmas Vacation

Chris Gardiner - Played by Will Smith
Pursuit of Happyness

Daniel Hillard - Played by Robin Williams
Mrs. Doubtfire

Darth Vader - Played by David Prowse, Voiced my James Earl Jones
Original Star Wars Trilogy
 (Don't forget...vader is Dutch for Father!)

So what do you think?  Do you have any to add? I know there are so many others!

Word of the Day: beschermer - protector

Monday, September 27, 2010

Well it's No Vesuvius

You know what I haven't done in a while?  A post about Fien and Me.  And how we rock.

Just so I can prove I do still earn my keep here in the land of it's not just television, visiting friends, and trips to far off lands (speaking of which...I'm going to Italy in four days!!!) I present you with a Mad Scientist Monday...
Fien has tons and tons of play doh.  Her parents bought her a 50 pack or something about a year ago and it seems like every time she brings out her clay box, there's a new color (because they were smart and did not let her play with all of them at once.)  Anyway, the reason she gets new colors so often, is because when she's a good girl and cleans up on her own...she tends to not seal the containers all the way causing the paly-doh to become hard and difficult to form.
But I came up with a solution to that...
That's right.  I built a tiny baking soda and vinegar volcano! 
They have never done this before in Holland!  I mean, I'm sure someone has.  But it's not like in America where about half of all science projects involve some sort of Mini Mount Pelee.  So trying to tell Rogier and Suzan what I was up to, was difficult.  Then I had to spend four days attempting to figure out what "baking soda" is in Dutch and where I can buy it (not at the grocery store I can tell you that much.)
But then...
Don't you like the delayed reaction? It was so cute...she was so proud of herself.  She even took it to show Mama, Papa, and the neighbors...
And she continued to do it over and over again.  I let her...the supplies cost around 2 Euro.

But then we got ambitious.  And I had a spare plastic bottle.  So we decided to make our own clay and build a GIANT ONE!!!
That then sat in the sun for a good week or so before it was actually hard.  But then...

It really wasn't that spectacular.  And she didn't really understand the "slow and steady gets it done" part as you can see."  Or the need to reload soap and baking soda before pouring more vinegar in.  But she still loved it.  It then sat in the backyard for a while longer until I think Rogier threw it away.  Fien hasn't noticed, but she still makes tiny ones with her Play-Doh and asks to set them off.
I have created a Scientist!!!

Word of the Day: zuiveringszout - baking soda

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birth/Father's Day!

Today is my Dad's birthday.  And I never did a Father's Day post even though I did one for Mother's Day and I said I was going to.  Bad Libby!
It really bums me out that I can't be home to celebrate his birthday.  But the funny thing is, for the past five years, I haven't celebrated any birthdays with my family because I was always off at college (with the exception of my brother and his summer bday.)  But somehow, this is just a little worse.  Maybe it's because I have to schedule a time to call and say Happy Birthday.  Or the fact that if I forget or procrastinate (like I do) the birthday cards will not arrive on time.  Or maybe it's just missing home.  But either way, three months later, I give you my...


Happy Father's Day Papa!  You know I never actually called my dad Papa until I came's the Dutch word.  Also "vader" in "Luke I am your..." which is AAAAWESOME!  Although I'm pretty sure my father's not a part of the dark side.
Anyway, because I'm never actually sure what to write, I thought I'd tell you some stories...

This one time when I was about five, we were rock climbing in Yosemite (I was hard core back then.)  And we slipped and fell (we were strapped in, but still.)  Well my dad grabbed me, turned me around to face out, and slid down the side of the rock, completely cutting up his back in the process, just so I wouldn't get a scratch on me.

When my mom was pregnant with my brother, my dad ended up taking me on a family cruise to Mexico with my Grandma.  I don't remember much of it, but I do know that the formal picture we took is still on his dresser, and apparently there was quite the memories made with my dad and Uncle and Senor Frogs at a certain port.

When I was about six, by dad put on the tape of "The Eagles Greatest Hits."  And he said, you're going to learn this song.  And he proceeded to have me sing "Take it To The Limit" while feeding me the words right before each line.  It's still my favorite song of all time, and our song as well.

We used to go to Disneyland all the time when I was little as a family.  But after a lull, we returned, just Dad and I.  And Dad was set on going on Splash Mountain and we raced into the park and he said "I don't need a map, I know where to go" and then with his hands on my shoulders, raced me through the crowds towards the ride that is the longest distance from the main entrance.  And no...he did not need a map.  Although, to be fair, neither do I anymore.
On that same trip, California Adventure had just opened, and we saw an "Eagles" tribute band and they sang "Take it To The Limit."  Just to tie all that back in.

I was in this Father Daughter group called "Y-Indian Princesses" and one year my dad was HEAD CHIEF!  At camp that year, I felt so cool because I got to stand at the front during the ceremonies and beat a drum.  Our tribe was also basically the best...just sayin.

I had broken up with a boyfriend, and the next day my dad came in my room and handed me a stuffed Snoopy keychain.  It was cheap little freebie thing, but he thought it would cheer me did.

On my dad's 50th birthday, my best friend from childhood and I played against our fathers (also best friends since high school) in a game of beer pong.  We so so incredibly badly.
(this is us with our dads after the game...we were gracious losers)

So I don't know if you can tell...but my dad is basically awesome.  Of course, don't get me wrong, so is my mom.  But she already had her day...sorry Mom.
Happy Birthday Daddy.  Love you.
Oh and Happy Father's Day.

Word of the Day: vaderdag - Father's Day

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brand Spankin' New

Ok we’re nearing the end of Premiere week on fall TV.  The reviews are in.  But are mine?  It’s…

Today we’ll be focusing on the new shows.  Now like I said before, I love going through, planning out my schedule, programming the DVR, and sitting down and watching a show unfold.  This year it was a little different.  First of all, I had no pre-conceived notions as to how the shows would be because I had seen no advertisements for them.  And the “programming” was a little different…write down what shows I wanted to see, figure out when they aired, and the next day attempt to find the pilot episode somewhere online that supports a non-US based internet connection.  But I still did it!  With the exception of one show I couldn’t find and three that haven’t premiered yet…I’ll get back to those ones later I guess.
Now remember…I don’t watch crime dramas.  Or really any dramas.  Although I usually give non-crime-drama dramas a chance because usually they’re awesome but unfortunately I end up putting it by the way side (ex: The Good Wife…if you like drama…watch that one!)  So here’s me reviews of the new shows…and whether or not they’ll last…

Sundays at 9 on HBO
Will it Last: Definitely!
Plot: Steve Buscemi, the guy who has made a career out of playing “the weird creepy dude” has landed a lead as a 20s gangster.  He plays politician Enoch Thompson, a man set on keeping Atlantic City wet during the era of Prohibition.  Lots of relationships being built, and historical figures have a role including a young driver by the name of Al Capone.
My Review: It’s BRILLIANT!  A Sopranos of the Charleston era when Gangsters really did run the streets.  Beautiful and historically accurate costumes, sets, and performances including (unfortunate) minstrel and racism.  Buscemi is genius in his portrayal and it’s about time he got his recognition.

Wednesdays at 10 on CBS
Will it Last: I hope so
Plot: I already have broken my no-crime-drama rule but I just love the actors.  Jim Beluchi and Jerry O'Connell are low end Las Vegas defense lawyers.  They’re the required amount of rebel mixed with sincerity to create any good court room drama.
My review: Both actors usually play comedic roles and star in sitcoms.  So this show is a big step for both of them.  I like that they are remaining true to themselves and not trying to reinvent themselves as “serious” actors.  But they’re going to have to add some more plot if they want to last over all the other crime and court dramas out there.

Wednesdays at 9 on the CW
Will it Last: On the CW – yes.  If it were any other network, probably not.
Plot: Alyson Michalka has lost her college pre-law scholarship and is forced to join the cheerleading squad to pay her way through.  Ashley Tisdale plays the spunky and deeply religious team captain.  Think "Bring it On" in TV form.
My review: I like dancing, and this how delivers enough dance sequences to keep me interested.  It’s the same reason I (and others) watch movies like Step it Up, Burn the Floor, Center Stage, etc.  The plot lines aren’t great, but the dancing makes it all worth it.  And although I have never watched a full High School Musical through, I do love Ashley Tisdale…I think she’s adorable.

Mondays at 9 on FOX
Will it Last: If they can add new plot twists
Plot: James Wolk is a man in love with his wife in Dallas Texas and his girlfriend in midland.  He’s also a scam artist raised by his father.  Trouble is, he’s starting to develop a conscience and real feelings, which is getting him in deep.  Can he make both work without getting run out of both towns?
My review: It’s an interesting concept, and he’s obviously smart, which will keep me interested and lets me wonder what problems they’re going to throw at him to see how he solves them.  But the attempting to hide both lives will get old fast, so new plot lines will have to be introduced into the upcoming shows/seasons.  Jon Voight plays the perfect rich Texas oil tycoon father in law to add a touch of drama.

Mondays at 9:30 on CBS
Will it last: Nope
Plot: Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy play over eaters who meet at an OA meeting and flirt a little.  Mike is a cop, and Molly is a school teacher, and their co stars include the pot head sister, token black guy partner, and Swoosie Kurtz as the sassy chocolate cake loving Mom.
My review: This show is just a one long stand up routine about being fat.  It’s kind of sad.  And I love both actors (especially seeing my recent completion of Gilmore Girls) and I think there can be more to it than that.  I’ve seen them both do things that have nothing to do with being overweight.  Also, something that pisses me off…why can’t there be any average sized people in this show?  There’s sizes 0s and 2s and plus sizes…where are the average size 6 through 10 women (and men)?

Thursdays at 8 on ABC
Will it Last: Yes
Plot: A mockumentary follows ten 18 year olds on the verge of their year 2000 high school graduation are interviewed about their upcoming lives and hopes for the future.  A remarkable entanglement of all “cliques” results in a much different entanglement 10 years later.  It’s hard to describe all the relationships, so I won’t try.
My Review:  If you are aged 23 to 32, you will love this show.  The 28 year olds in the show are you in some way or another.  And the flashbacks to 2000 (and the music!) really bring back the school days.  My only complaint is the fact that the intertwining seems a little far fetched…I mean…all ten are still all up in each others lives even though they were so different in high school.  Doesn’t matter though.  It makes you think about your own life a lot and the direction that it’s taken.  Not that I got pregnant on prom night, married the rich kid, am an army wife, or work in DC as a lawyer…but it’s still crazy how my own life has taken it’s turns.  And I’m sure everyone who watches it will think about their own life as a documentary.

Tuesdays at 8 on ABC
Will it Last: Most likely
Plot: A family turns super hero after a plane crash in South America.  The Dad has super strength (meaning muscle, [almost] bullet proof, and super jumps.)  The mom is super fast (with the ability to see everything in slow motion when she’s moving at super speed) the teenage angsty daughter can hear thoughts (when looking into eyes) and the used to be learning disabled son is now super smart.  It’s Fantastic Four meets the Incredibles.
My review: It’s cute.  Like most super hero shows, I’m sure the first season or two will revolve around episode constrained cases that they solve together.  But eventually some long term problems will have to present themselves to keep people tuning in every week.

Thursdays at 9:30 on NBC
Will it Last: I hope not
Plot: A middle class American is transferred to India to manage a call center for an American Novelty company.  Can he transform his bunch of misfits into hard core selling machines while catching the eye of the Aussie managing the company next door.
My rewiew: Horrible.  And I usually give NBC shows a chance.  It’s an attempt at The Office while making all the inappropriate (but hilarious in that setting) Michael Scott type racist comments…but only about the Indian culture.  And the introduction of the necessary “white” characters seems to be a bit hap hazard.  And the fact that it was totally a movie.  I’ll keep watching because I always try and watch more than one episode, but I don’t think I’m going to enjoy it.

Tuesdays at 9 on ABC
Will it Last: sure
Plot: Lucas Neff plays Jimmy, who has a one night stand with a girl after rescuing her from a crazed lunatic.  Turns out however, she’s the crazed lunatic, as well as a serial killer, and 15 months later with a six month baby on his lap, Jimmy watches her fry on the electric chair.  He gets no help from his red neck family including mom and dad who got pregnant with him at 15, cousin who likes to rave, has a finger mustache tattoo, and lives in a tent in the laundry room, and senile Great Grandma who walks around with no shirt (and sometime no bra as well.)  In the end however, they decide they can do this and rename Princess Beyonce with mom if-it-was-a-girl name – Hope.
My review: This was a lot cuter than I thought it would be.  The red neck aspect adds humor, but there are some sweet moments as well like when Mom and Dad sing a lullaby to help the baby fall asleep.  I think there’s enough plot to keep this going for a while without the need of additional drama, so here’s hoping it only gets better.

Tuesdays at 9:30 on ABC
Will it Last: PLEASE!!!
Plot: Will Arnett is a spoiled rich boy who is in love with his teenage crush, played by Keri Russell.  Only problem for him is, she’s a hard-core activist set on bringing his family’s company down.  Only problem for her is, her daughter seems to like him…as does she.
My Review:  It’s Gob Bluth all over again and I’m not complaining.  Will Arnett makes me smile in so many ways and I think this show has a ridiculous enough background (rich guy who can do whatever he wants including buying mini horses and thinking six liters of soda costs $100) that it’s going to keep bringing the laughs.

Thursdays at 8:30 on CBS
(It’s pronounced “bleep my dad says”)
Will it Last: If it stops being a stand up routine
Plot: William Shatner plays a racist, sexist, Girl Scout hating father of two boys.  Jonathan Sadowski, one of the sons, has come to live with him after losing his job at a magazine and running out of money.  They have a strained barely-see-each-other relationship so situational comedy is sure to ensue.
My review: I love William Shatner.  And there’s a great moment where the son is imitating him and he says “Why can no one do a good impression of me?” which made me laugh a lot.  But every line (by every character) seems to be a joke about what a politically incorrect father would say.  So hopefully, they can get away from the gimmick and just focus on Shatner being the offensive one.

I know I was a lot.  But tell me...which ones sounded interesting to you?

Word of the day: nieuwe - new

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Follow-up: They Brought it Back

Well it’s Friday…and it’s still another day in my mini series.  Which means…

I had to wait to write anything because all the good shows were on Thursday.  SO there would be no point of writing about Fall TV when I hadn’t seen the majority of it.  But this works out because...
Today I’m following up on Monday’s posts…the shows that were returning.  And where the season premiere fell on my awesomeness meter...except not really because I currently don't have an awesome meter.
Ok so here we go…

30 Rock
Favorite Part: Carol (Matttt Daaammmmmoooonnnn) crying over his need for a real relationship.
What happened: Liz and Carol (Maaat Daaamonnnn) move their relationship forward when Jack hijacks their plans and forces them to spend a real night together.  Tracy misses Kenneth (who was fired at the end of last season) and goes on a quest to get him out of his head.  Jack loses a fight without knowing it to Avery over the color of their master bedroom wall.  And finally, Jenna receives a producer credit, but after actually being good at it, realizes she has to quit in order to make room in the budget.
What we learned: Kenneth works for CBS and David Letterman, Liz is on a waiting list for an adobtion baby, Carol (Maaaaaatttt Damoooonnnn) was touched by a priest but everything is fine, and Jack is a gay man magnet (just look at those baby blues.)
What I thought: The best of the returning shows’ premieres, 30 rock really proved it’s worth after it’s threat of being cancelled last season.  Even after it’s slight upset at the Emmy’s, the show and actors are back and more willing than ever to prove why they won all those awards years ago.

The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Part: Sheldon using math to (correctly?) assume the number of dates and or sexual partners Penny has had.
What happened: Walowitz “borrows” a space station robotic arm to show to the guys.  Unfortunately he discovers all the uses of a robotic hand and is rushed to the emergency room where a nurse is able to reboot the computer, releasing what the hand thinks to be “a screwdriver.”  Meanwhile Penny is forced to drive Sheldon on his date with his not-girlfriend and then chaperone as the two discuss ridiculously inappropriate matters with mere scientific curiosity.
What we learned: Penny may or may not have dated 198 men and slept with 30.6 of them.
What I thought:  Slightly disappointing.  Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and Sheldon delivered as usual, but I was hoping for something a little more dramatic on the “Sheldon has a girlfriend” front and was a little disappointed there was no Penny and Leonard drama.

Favorite Part: Betty White as the crazy Anthropology teacher who drinks urine and shoots people with blow darts
What happened: Britta becomes the women’s hero after being rejected by Jeff in public.  To get back, Jeff asks her to date him and the two begin a one-up-man-ship of epic proportions that leads them down the aisle…until Annie confesses her and Jeff’s kiss to the group which ends up with the group being torn apart…that is until Jeff is attacked by their crazy anthropology teacher and they all agree to be friends again.  Meanwhile, Troy writes every racist/sexist/offensive thing Pierce says under the Twitter name “WhiteManSays” to thrill of millions of followers, and Abed tries desperately to make his life more “like television.”
What we learned: Annie likes Jeff more than he likes her, Senor Chang is Golum, and the most powerful weapon is not respect, but rather a hammer/lasso/blowdart/staff/arrow/gun hyprid.
What I thought: This episode did a great job of wrapping up last season as well as presenting new problems for the upcoming one.  I hope Betty White can return as the crazy teacher, but her character has currently been “suspended.”  And also…it was really REALLY funny.

How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Part: Continuing “Dibs” joke
What Happened: Lily and Marshall decide to try and make a baby but Lily gets angry when she discovers that Marshall has told everyone (and they mean…everyone) their plans.  Later she reveals her fears of letting him down…which of course she could never do.  Meanwhile Ted sees ex, Cindy, at a bar with a hot girl who he thinks is her roommate whom he’s never met but knows (as do we) that he is destined to marry.  However to Ted and Robyn’s surprise and Barney’s delight, it turns out they’re not their as friends, but rather on a date.  Robyn is also attempting to get over Don by dressing like a slob and eating what she wants and only “sundresses up” when Barney declares that she may have lost it…which she clearly hasn’t…even to Barney.
What we learned: Cindy’s a lesbian, Marshall likes to make love to banjo music, and Ted mt his future wife at a wedding as best man.
What I thought: It was great, funny, I laughed, but honestly…can we meet their mother already?  I don’t know if the show will be over when that happens or if we’ll actually get to see the courtship, but if my father was telling me this story for six years, I’d be a little frustrated by now.

Modern Family
Favorite Part: Cameron reading Lily US Weekly because if he has to read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” he “WILL SNAP!”
What happened: Cameron attempts to build a Princess Castle for Lily with the help of Jay in the hopes that Mitchell doesn’t kill them with the nail gun, drill saw, or hammer.  Claire wants Phil to sell the old Station Wagon, but after she finds old memories in it she doesn’t want to get rid of it. Phil takes her to their old picnic spot where she can relive the old days only to have the party interrupted by a spider, a seat vs. soda accident, Luke throwing up, and the car eventually rolling down the hill.  Manny invites a girl over to study where Gloria makes it her mission to make sure she stays the number one girl in her son’s life.
What we learned: Mitch can’t use tools, Gloria is a Columbian mother, and a Starbucks used to be a Burger King…in other words…nothing new.
What I thought:  The show delivered all it’s usually hilariousness.  However, nothing special seemed to happen to mark the season premiere.  In fact, I found it somewhat lacking.

The Office
Favorite Part: Scranton “Lip Dub”

What Happened: Michael hired his nephew over the summer break to be the new office assistant.  Only problem is…he’s horrible.  After repeatedly giving him another chance, Michael is forced to “punish” his nephew in the same way he did when he was five…spankings.  Meanwhile, Pam messes up a prank Jim is pulling on Dwight so she makes it up to him by switching the elevator buttons resulting in the two of them getting stuck in the elevator.
What we learned: Erin left Andy for Gabe.  Dwight owns the Scranton Building.
What I thought: Very cute.  But there was no mention of Holly…which is what we all really wanted to see.

Word of the Day: criticus - critic

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten: Shows I DON'T Watch

It's Tuesday, and it's mini series time!

Let me just start off by saying, that I cannot get into dramas while they’re running.  I need a show to be over so I can find out what the problem is in the pilot and learn how it’s been solved by the time the weekend is over.  This is why you will almost never see me referencing those shows that everyone goes crazy for.
First of all, I'm not going to put any crime dramas on here.  Because I do watch those...just not in any particular order.  I don't care if I haven't seen the episode before, and I don't set my tivo to record any of them.  But if they're on (and I can start from the beginning) I will watch them.
Also, some of these I started watching, but somehow they fell by the wayside.  After all, I can't keep up with every show.  And if they came out in the last two fall premieres, chances are I at least saw the pilot.  And eventually, they will make it to my Blockbuster DVD my mail account, and I'll catch up.
However, that doesn't mean other people don't love the shows I'm about to mention.  Which is why I'm calling on you fellow readers...will you guest blog for me and write a review of one of the shows below?  Things like, where we left off, what happened in the season premiere, and what we can lok forward to in the upcoming season?  Take a look at yesterday's entry for an example.  I'm looking to publish these next Tuesday if I can get all ten reviews.  So, just leave a comment, and we'll be in touch!

Here are the...

(Began its 3rd season Sept. 13th, 8:00, on the CW)

(Beginning it's 4th season Sept. 20th, 8:00, on NBC)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 26th, 9:00, on ABC)

(Beginning its 5th season Sept. 26th, 9:00, on Showtime)

(Beginning its 3rd(ish) season Sept. 21st, 8:00, on FOX)

(Began its 4th season Sept. 13th, 9:00, on the CW)

(Beginning its 2nd season Sept. 28th, 9:00, on CBS)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 23rd, 9:00, on ABC)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 20th, 8:00, on FOX)

(Beginning its 4th season Sept. 23rd, 10:00 on ABC) 

*have watched at least one season in order
**Saw the pilot and maybe two or three more episodes

Word of the Day: drama - drama

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bringin' It Back

It’s day two of my mini series…
And today we’re focusing on the returning shows.  More importantly…which ones you should be watching/catching up on for their season premieres this week.  There’s gonna be some spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the show and plan on it at some point…just don’t read that blurb about that show!  Again…these are just some the shows that I watch, which is why many well known ones aren’t listed here.  But it also means I have a request for you readers at the end!

30 Rock
(Beginning its 5th season Sept. 23rd, 8:30, on NBC)
We left last season with Liz meeting who she hoped wasn’t the love of her life (adorable Brit Michael Sheen) only to find he was just a path to lead her to true love of her life, pilot, and lover of TGS, Matt Damn (Maat Daamon.)  Meanwhile Jack had to give up his love for childhood sweetheart Julianne Moore to go with his other (pregnant) love, anchorwoman Elizabeth Banks.  This season, we’ll hopefully be seeing a budding romance, a wedding to be planned, more hilarious antics from Jane Krakowski and Tracy Jordan, and hopefully more than one guest appearance from the incomparable Elaine Stritch as Jack’s mother Colleen.

The Big Bang Theory
(Beginning its 4th season Sept. 23rd, 8:00, on CBS)
What I believe to be one of the most underappreciated shows currently on TV, we left last season with Penny and Leonard having a drunken night together only to find that it meant more to one than it did the other.  But the real cliff hanger was the discovery that Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons who came in as the underdog and, in my opinion, deservedly, won Best Actor Emmy this year) may have met his soul mate.  Hopefully we see an actual (if not hilariously awkward and…sterile) relationship bloom there, while attempting to still care about the Ross and Rachel type drama between hall mates.

(Beginning its 2nd season Sept. 23rd, 8:00, on NBC)
Again, an underappreciated show, this series about misfits at a community college provides laughs in every episode.  We left last season with Britta and Professor Slater both declaring their love for Jeff.  Escaping from the pressure of the situation, Jeff ends up kissing Annie.  The question is…who will he choose in the season opening?  But what I’m looking forward to are the horribly politically incorrect statements of Chevy Chase, and the multitude of movie references and spot on impersonations of Danny Pudi.

How I Met Your Mother
(Beginning its 6th season Sept. 20th, 8:00, on CBS)
Now we haven’t actually met the mother yet…probably the only frustrating part of this series.  Last season ended with the discovery of the fifth doppelganger (though not really) and Lily deciding it was time for her and Marshall to make a baby.  Which means this season is going to involve lots of pregnancy type episodes, and a season finale most likely taking place in the hospital.  Still, as long as Neil Patrick Harris continues his legen-waitforit-dary comedic timing, and Josh Radnor doesn’t get too annoying in his quest to find his soul mate (spoiler: he will), it’s should be an AWESOME season.

Modern Family
(Beginning its 2nd season Sept. 22nd, 9:00, on ABC)
A hit from the beginning, and winner of the Best Comedy Emmy, there wasn’t much left unspoken during the finale last spring.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t be back for more glimpses into a completely normal, if not slightly unconventional, family life.  What I’m looking forward to are more cool-dad attempts by Ty Burrell, the nonchalant-fatherhood stylings of Ed O’Neill, and the Lily-has-two-daddies comedy of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet.

The Office
(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 23rd, 9:00, on NBC)
The big question here is…will this be the last season for the employees at the Scranton Paper Company?  With Steve Carrell confirmed to leave at the end of the current season, you gotta wonder whether the show can make it without the man behind “The (albeit American) Office.”  Last season left with a promise of the return of Holly…something I think we all are looking forward to giving the adorableness of her and Michael’s relationship.  We’ll also be seeing some more adventures in parenting from Jim and Pam, and lets not forget the Dwight has entered into a Baby making contract with Angela.  I for one, can’t wait!

So there you go.  Six returning shows you should be programming your tivo to record right now!
Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on shows I don’t watch.  And then it will be the reviews of the new shows.
HOWEVER…if after reading tomorrow’s post, any of you readers want to do a guest blog on the shows I’ll fail to cover…let me know!  I’d love to have a couple more opinions!

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