Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Reasons you should decide to go abroad

So over at SITS, they're doing this thing called "Back2Blogging." They even have a cute picture for it.  See...
(And yes...I could possibly win that washer and dryer (for that I have...) thanks to Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.) 

And I'd like to think that picture is the direct result of ME.  Mainly because I left a comment that said "you should make a picture!" And then I got a response that said "We'll get on that!"  And then look!  They did!!!
Anyway, back to blogging is a way for all of us to start blogging again after what commonly happens during the summer when you have slightly more exciting (read: France, Spain, England, family, etc.) things to do than stare at your computer screen.
Not that blogging isn't exciting.  I mean it's part of the reason I do it.  Which brings me to tonight's topic...
My very first blog post.
First of all you should go read it here...
It wasn't the first one I's true.  But it was the first one I wrote.  It started out as a journal entry.  Just something I typed while sitting on a balcony in a time share in Vegas waiting for a skype call on what was a free (but possibly not legit) internet connection from an aupairing family in Finland.
And I decided to work out why I wanted to go.  And what I had told my friends as my reasons for going.  And what they had told me as a reason to go.
Now I could talk about how I think it's written, or why I wrote it, or various other things. But instead I've decided to do a rewrite.  A look back at you will.  And so are the

5 Reasons you should decide to go abroad

1.  The passport
You don't actually know much about European border regulations, so it turns out your passport only has two additional stamps and a temporary visa sticker in it.  But that doesn't mean you won't visit places...and by places I mean over ten different countries with different cultures, different foods, and different people at every stop.

2. The economy
You think you have it bad right now trying to keep up with being a student, having little to no bills, and trying to find a job at that time?  You will learn to live on the equivalent of 400 dollars a month.  Sure you'll get food and a place to live, but budget takes on a whole new meaning.  Comparison of cheap versus extravagant comes into play in so many ways as you research train tickets, hostel accommodations, and having to PASS on bags of peanut M&Ms (side note are starting to look gooood.)

3. The best friend
Suzee is still there.  So is Pat.  And so are the people who matter, because if they matter, they will remain in your life.  It'll take a lot more than 5371 miles to break that bond.'re going to make new friends.  Tons of them.  From all over the world.  In all different environments.  Of all different ages.  And you will have wonderful passing days and nights spent with each of them that you will never forget.

4. The boy
Forget the boy.  You may have hoped to have your heart stolen.  And the truth a three year old girl.  You will have a bond with this girl that is unlike any other.  Most of the aupairs will tell you that they no longer want to have kids after working abroad.  Do not listen to them.  Because that feeling of loving someone so completely is something that you will want...and don't worry...will eventually have one day.

5. The family
There really is no change to this one.  You were completely right...they are going to be there for you...always.

Word of the day: gelukkig - happy


  1. Great to see you doing the Getting Back to Blogging too!

    It's great to look back at everyone's first post. Having followed you for a wile now I can truly see a difference in your posting style. You're more consist and to the point. And breaking everything into smaller paragraphs makes it easier to read.

    Look forward to seeing your other posts this week!

    Come by when you get settled down for a night cap....


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