Friday, September 17, 2010

Because is not an answer

Alright it’s the final countdown (cue music and a dancing Gob.)
It’s one more Back2Blogging (at least I think…I can’t be bothered to go to the first page with the description to see how many prompts they’re actually are…)

And you can bet us girls are putting the "Back" in Back2Blogging (along with Butts, Minds, and Sore fingers) to work.  I mean…five posts in five days?  That’s like a record for me! And just when you think you can go no further, and you’d rather eat your soup and watch TV, those SITS girls give you this prompt…

Why do you blog?

Wow…well if there’s one to make you think and then motivate you to write, I guess it would be this one.

Ok well let’s start with the obvious…why I started this blog.  A couple of my friends traveled after their graduation and their blog was how I kept up with them.  They didn’t post often, and usually, just pictures or a quick description of where they had last been.  But I was still able to keep in touch with them through it…oh the joys of the technology age.
So I thought…why not?  My Grandparents can use a computer, my parents are at one every weekday from 9-5, and the majority of my friends spend more time on the web than they do at school (or often at the same time.)  So that’s how I’ll keep my friends and family close while I'm far away.  (Of course facebook doesn’t hurt either.)
But then it happened…and I know it’s cliché and starry eyed…but I saw Julie & Julia.  And there’s that line where she says “I could write a blog.  I have ideas.”  And I thought…hey!…I write a blog…and I have ideas.  And I’m not saying that this blog should become a movie starring Meryl Streep (and by that I mean, Meryl Streep PLEASE make a movie about my blog) but I do think that people would enjoy what I had to say.

But why do I blog now?
Well…it is to keep my family informed.  And I think  do a pretty good job of it (we’re ignoring the fact that I have yet to write about my trips to London or Paris.)

But there are other reason…
Because Fien is adorable.  And what “parent” doesn’t like showing off and telling funny stories about their kid.  Because she is my baby.  And she’s also hilarious.
And because I like writing.  I like that I can type fast enough that the ideas that spill out of my head can be transcribed in some way for me to make sense of later (or let’s face it…never.)  I like writing exactly what I’m thinking or what I’ve said.
And because the blogging world connects everyone from all over.  Regardless of whether you live next door…or maybe just 5371 miles away.

Word of the Day: Datom - because

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