Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten: Shows I DON'T Watch

It's Tuesday, and it's mini series time!

Let me just start off by saying, that I cannot get into dramas while they’re running.  I need a show to be over so I can find out what the problem is in the pilot and learn how it’s been solved by the time the weekend is over.  This is why you will almost never see me referencing those shows that everyone goes crazy for.
First of all, I'm not going to put any crime dramas on here.  Because I do watch those...just not in any particular order.  I don't care if I haven't seen the episode before, and I don't set my tivo to record any of them.  But if they're on (and I can start from the beginning) I will watch them.
Also, some of these I started watching, but somehow they fell by the wayside.  After all, I can't keep up with every show.  And if they came out in the last two fall premieres, chances are I at least saw the pilot.  And eventually, they will make it to my Blockbuster DVD my mail account, and I'll catch up.
However, that doesn't mean other people don't love the shows I'm about to mention.  Which is why I'm calling on you fellow readers...will you guest blog for me and write a review of one of the shows below?  Things like, where we left off, what happened in the season premiere, and what we can lok forward to in the upcoming season?  Take a look at yesterday's entry for an example.  I'm looking to publish these next Tuesday if I can get all ten reviews.  So, just leave a comment, and we'll be in touch!

Here are the...

(Began its 3rd season Sept. 13th, 8:00, on the CW)

(Beginning it's 4th season Sept. 20th, 8:00, on NBC)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 26th, 9:00, on ABC)

(Beginning its 5th season Sept. 26th, 9:00, on Showtime)

(Beginning its 3rd(ish) season Sept. 21st, 8:00, on FOX)

(Began its 4th season Sept. 13th, 9:00, on the CW)

(Beginning its 2nd season Sept. 28th, 9:00, on CBS)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 23rd, 9:00, on ABC)

(Beginning its 7th season Sept. 20th, 8:00, on FOX)

(Beginning its 4th season Sept. 23rd, 10:00 on ABC) 

*have watched at least one season in order
**Saw the pilot and maybe two or three more episodes

Word of the Day: drama - drama


  1. Love, love, love House, but have primarily watched them out of order. Doesn't really matter, as it's case-driven more than character-driven.

  2. Out of all of those I only watch Grey's Anatomy so I can't really tell you if you're missing anything on the others!

  3. I love House, though I'm feeling like they've played all the stories out. Totally into Glee (it's actually on it's 2nd season, technically), just because it's fun. And I used keep up with Dexter until it started stressing me out too much.

    All the rest, I've never been interested in watching, despite some obsessive fan bases, like Grey's and Gossip Girl *eye twitch*.

  4. Love House and Glee is a guilty pleasure. Mostly though I like to watch older stuff on Netflix. :)


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