Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Follow-up: They Brought it Back

Well it’s Friday…and it’s still another day in my mini series.  Which means…

I had to wait to write anything because all the good shows were on Thursday.  SO there would be no point of writing about Fall TV when I hadn’t seen the majority of it.  But this works out because...
Today I’m following up on Monday’s posts…the shows that were returning.  And where the season premiere fell on my awesomeness meter...except not really because I currently don't have an awesome meter.
Ok so here we go…

30 Rock
Favorite Part: Carol (Matttt Daaammmmmoooonnnn) crying over his need for a real relationship.
What happened: Liz and Carol (Maaat Daaamonnnn) move their relationship forward when Jack hijacks their plans and forces them to spend a real night together.  Tracy misses Kenneth (who was fired at the end of last season) and goes on a quest to get him out of his head.  Jack loses a fight without knowing it to Avery over the color of their master bedroom wall.  And finally, Jenna receives a producer credit, but after actually being good at it, realizes she has to quit in order to make room in the budget.
What we learned: Kenneth works for CBS and David Letterman, Liz is on a waiting list for an adobtion baby, Carol (Maaaaaatttt Damoooonnnn) was touched by a priest but everything is fine, and Jack is a gay man magnet (just look at those baby blues.)
What I thought: The best of the returning shows’ premieres, 30 rock really proved it’s worth after it’s threat of being cancelled last season.  Even after it’s slight upset at the Emmy’s, the show and actors are back and more willing than ever to prove why they won all those awards years ago.

The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Part: Sheldon using math to (correctly?) assume the number of dates and or sexual partners Penny has had.
What happened: Walowitz “borrows” a space station robotic arm to show to the guys.  Unfortunately he discovers all the uses of a robotic hand and is rushed to the emergency room where a nurse is able to reboot the computer, releasing what the hand thinks to be “a screwdriver.”  Meanwhile Penny is forced to drive Sheldon on his date with his not-girlfriend and then chaperone as the two discuss ridiculously inappropriate matters with mere scientific curiosity.
What we learned: Penny may or may not have dated 198 men and slept with 30.6 of them.
What I thought:  Slightly disappointing.  Don’t get me wrong, it was funny and Sheldon delivered as usual, but I was hoping for something a little more dramatic on the “Sheldon has a girlfriend” front and was a little disappointed there was no Penny and Leonard drama.

Favorite Part: Betty White as the crazy Anthropology teacher who drinks urine and shoots people with blow darts
What happened: Britta becomes the women’s hero after being rejected by Jeff in public.  To get back, Jeff asks her to date him and the two begin a one-up-man-ship of epic proportions that leads them down the aisle…until Annie confesses her and Jeff’s kiss to the group which ends up with the group being torn apart…that is until Jeff is attacked by their crazy anthropology teacher and they all agree to be friends again.  Meanwhile, Troy writes every racist/sexist/offensive thing Pierce says under the Twitter name “WhiteManSays” to thrill of millions of followers, and Abed tries desperately to make his life more “like television.”
What we learned: Annie likes Jeff more than he likes her, Senor Chang is Golum, and the most powerful weapon is not respect, but rather a hammer/lasso/blowdart/staff/arrow/gun hyprid.
What I thought: This episode did a great job of wrapping up last season as well as presenting new problems for the upcoming one.  I hope Betty White can return as the crazy teacher, but her character has currently been “suspended.”  And also…it was really REALLY funny.

How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Part: Continuing “Dibs” joke
What Happened: Lily and Marshall decide to try and make a baby but Lily gets angry when she discovers that Marshall has told everyone (and they mean…everyone) their plans.  Later she reveals her fears of letting him down…which of course she could never do.  Meanwhile Ted sees ex, Cindy, at a bar with a hot girl who he thinks is her roommate whom he’s never met but knows (as do we) that he is destined to marry.  However to Ted and Robyn’s surprise and Barney’s delight, it turns out they’re not their as friends, but rather on a date.  Robyn is also attempting to get over Don by dressing like a slob and eating what she wants and only “sundresses up” when Barney declares that she may have lost it…which she clearly hasn’t…even to Barney.
What we learned: Cindy’s a lesbian, Marshall likes to make love to banjo music, and Ted mt his future wife at a wedding as best man.
What I thought: It was great, funny, I laughed, but honestly…can we meet their mother already?  I don’t know if the show will be over when that happens or if we’ll actually get to see the courtship, but if my father was telling me this story for six years, I’d be a little frustrated by now.

Modern Family
Favorite Part: Cameron reading Lily US Weekly because if he has to read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” he “WILL SNAP!”
What happened: Cameron attempts to build a Princess Castle for Lily with the help of Jay in the hopes that Mitchell doesn’t kill them with the nail gun, drill saw, or hammer.  Claire wants Phil to sell the old Station Wagon, but after she finds old memories in it she doesn’t want to get rid of it. Phil takes her to their old picnic spot where she can relive the old days only to have the party interrupted by a spider, a seat vs. soda accident, Luke throwing up, and the car eventually rolling down the hill.  Manny invites a girl over to study where Gloria makes it her mission to make sure she stays the number one girl in her son’s life.
What we learned: Mitch can’t use tools, Gloria is a Columbian mother, and a Starbucks used to be a Burger King…in other words…nothing new.
What I thought:  The show delivered all it’s usually hilariousness.  However, nothing special seemed to happen to mark the season premiere.  In fact, I found it somewhat lacking.

The Office
Favorite Part: Scranton “Lip Dub”

What Happened: Michael hired his nephew over the summer break to be the new office assistant.  Only problem is…he’s horrible.  After repeatedly giving him another chance, Michael is forced to “punish” his nephew in the same way he did when he was five…spankings.  Meanwhile, Pam messes up a prank Jim is pulling on Dwight so she makes it up to him by switching the elevator buttons resulting in the two of them getting stuck in the elevator.
What we learned: Erin left Andy for Gabe.  Dwight owns the Scranton Building.
What I thought: Very cute.  But there was no mention of Holly…which is what we all really wanted to see.

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  1. I loved the 30 Rock season premiere!! It was by far the best. But all the rest did alright as well. I'm not disappointed.


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