Monday, September 27, 2010

Well it's No Vesuvius

You know what I haven't done in a while?  A post about Fien and Me.  And how we rock.

Just so I can prove I do still earn my keep here in the land of it's not just television, visiting friends, and trips to far off lands (speaking of which...I'm going to Italy in four days!!!) I present you with a Mad Scientist Monday...
Fien has tons and tons of play doh.  Her parents bought her a 50 pack or something about a year ago and it seems like every time she brings out her clay box, there's a new color (because they were smart and did not let her play with all of them at once.)  Anyway, the reason she gets new colors so often, is because when she's a good girl and cleans up on her own...she tends to not seal the containers all the way causing the paly-doh to become hard and difficult to form.
But I came up with a solution to that...
That's right.  I built a tiny baking soda and vinegar volcano! 
They have never done this before in Holland!  I mean, I'm sure someone has.  But it's not like in America where about half of all science projects involve some sort of Mini Mount Pelee.  So trying to tell Rogier and Suzan what I was up to, was difficult.  Then I had to spend four days attempting to figure out what "baking soda" is in Dutch and where I can buy it (not at the grocery store I can tell you that much.)
But then...
Don't you like the delayed reaction? It was so cute...she was so proud of herself.  She even took it to show Mama, Papa, and the neighbors...
And she continued to do it over and over again.  I let her...the supplies cost around 2 Euro.

But then we got ambitious.  And I had a spare plastic bottle.  So we decided to make our own clay and build a GIANT ONE!!!
That then sat in the sun for a good week or so before it was actually hard.  But then...

It really wasn't that spectacular.  And she didn't really understand the "slow and steady gets it done" part as you can see."  Or the need to reload soap and baking soda before pouring more vinegar in.  But she still loved it.  It then sat in the backyard for a while longer until I think Rogier threw it away.  Fien hasn't noticed, but she still makes tiny ones with her Play-Doh and asks to set them off.
I have created a Scientist!!!

Word of the Day: zuiveringszout - baking soda


  1. You've created a MAD scientist!!

    Come by when you buy more supplies for Fien....

    Where did you find the baking soda in Holland? Just curious...

  2. Saw you on SITS - Isn't it great how kids embrace science? Let's hope your little friend has lots of great teachers who continue to teach her that science is fun!

  3. That is just too cool! I love her delight in creating!

  4. so I was an Aupair back in the day.. at 19 or 20.. now I am 40.. but I had to be careful what things I taught my charge.. and was not allowed to play pop music or slang.. but I saw your featured bit on SITS today... and I was laughing so hard... so funny who was and is NINA? my email is and my blog is
    1 Wasabi mommy
    Lisa I am your newest follower..
    I do science with my son.. it is so improtant... keep doing what you do....


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