Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Spain

So I thought I was on the home stretch of blogging about my trip with Nina.  And then whilst uploading pictures to facebook, I realized I had completely forgot about our adventures outside of the hostel in Malaga.  Because I did say we went places…and you know…we did.
On the first Day was El Chorro.  A National Park claimed to be beautiful with a neat suspended bridge between two cliffs.  Well we got to the park…but then had no idea where we were going.  We found this…
Maybe that was it?  No…no it wasn’t.  Upon climbing to the top…
We discovered it was railroad tracks.
So we just kept driving.  And then we saw it…
Wow doesn’t it look cool?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to climb inside?
Yea well we thought so too.  And we drove towards it…or so we thought.  We just kept driving…and driving…and driving.  Until finally we came to this clearing.  And it wasn’t the bridge.  But who cares?  Because what we saw was much more breathtaking…

It was absolutely beautiful.  So content with our trip through a Spanish national park, we headed home, stopping occasionally to take the odd picture or see something a little better.  Until we realized there was NO PLACE to stop for food and we were hungry and our blood sugar was dipping dangerously low.  Then we settles for Nina strapping on the camera and taking pictures from the interstate while I drove…
Oh well…still beautiful.

The next day we headed to Granada.  I knew nothing about it except for the fact that I had a faint recollection of Mia Rudolph impersonating Donatello Versace saying this word in her low sing song voice.  Which meant that I said “Granada” like so every time it was mentioned.  But other than that, we had no plans.
Well it turns out one of the guys in our hostel was heading there as well so we offered him a ride.  Which gave me someone to talk to while Nina slept in the back.  But when we got there…we were lost…so so incredibly lost.  Our GPS just kept telling us to take turns where there were no streets.  And at one point we stopped to ask for help and were informed we were on a pedestrian street and then had to reverse down a narrow alley to try and get back to the main road.
Finally we gave up…and parked…and walked around…and didn’t see much…
(that's Columbus' head...and it's bigger than I am)

Still, it was a nice day of walking.  And we got good sandwiches for lunch.  And finally we headed home.  The next day another sibling team at our hostel informed us that they too had problems with their GPS.  And they had an appointment that they were trying to get to.
Oh GPS…you one crazy bitch.

Word of the Day: perdido - lost


  1. 1 - Lately I've been thinking more and more that I need to get myself to Spain soon. This definitely fueled the fire.

    2 - In response to your comment: I'll be here until Christmas. I'm not sure when exactly but all I know is that I will be done right before the holidays.


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