Sunday, September 19, 2010

Number One Reason I Love Fall

I am OBSESSED with Fall TV.  When new shows are announced, I love looking at who’s gonna be new, guessing which shows will last, and carefully and meticulously setting my DVR to record all necessary shows.  And even better is every day discovering what new show has been recorded from the night before.  I actually get really excited…I know…nerd alert.  But I love it.
So…I’m going to do a little mini series for the next couple weeks.  And it’s called…

My must see TV.
We’re gonna start off the series by paying tribute to the shows of last season that ended or got cancelled.  Of course there are plenty of shows out there, but these are the ones I watched. 

I feel a special bond with this one because my Mom and I got to see the pilot early while being a part of a test panel.  And I love Jenna Elfman.  But the show had one fatal mistake…a pregnancy (the entire premise of the show) only lasts nine months.  From there it’s a completely different show.  And there weren’t enough problems introduced to make me wonder what was in store after little Harry was born.  Hooray, they’re getting married and gonna live happily ever after with the annoying sister, cheeky Irish friend, and stoner roommates b there side.  And…there it was…the end.

Gary Unmarried (2 seasons)
A Divorced Man’s Everybody Loves Raymond, Jay Mohr always had me laughing on this show.  The show itself was a little slap-sticky, and I don’t know any twelve year old girl that concerned about global warming, but I still enjoyed it.  I think the relationship Gary had with his ex wife, played by Paula Marshall on the show, was fabulous and their chemistry was cause for some great laughs.  Add in some cameo appearances from Rob Riggle as the army brother, and Ed Begley Jr. as the psychiatrist turned fiance, and you put the "sit" in sitcom (as in situation...not sitting.) The cliffhanger at the end of last season taught us that Gary was still married to Allison making us wonder whether they would be getting back together.  I was excited to see how they figured that one out.  I for one, will be sad to see it go.

Hank (1 season)
I watched about five episodes of this one.  And apparently there were only eight.  And I never enjoyed it.  I mean, I tried really hard, especially considering my relationship with Kelsey Grammer, but it was just another dysfunctional family sitcom and it just…wasn’t…good…or funny.  It’s a shame, but I’m sure Mr. Grammar has plenty of things awaiting him and I wish him luck.

Scrubs (9 seasons)
Although I didn’t watch it in it’s later seasons, I did watch the entire first four on DVD while sick in college.  And whenever it was on, I always watched it.  And itt was such a great cast led my Zach Braff and John C McGinly with Neil Flynn lending exceptional comic timing as the Janitor out to get Braff's character J.D.  But I’m sure there will always be reruns, so I’m not too worried.  In fact I know there are…even here in Holland.  You had a good run Doctors…I wish you the best!

Ugly Betty (4 seasons)
I did not watch at all last season.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t be renting the final season on DVD eventually.  But it’s not on the top of my list.  Because it was great when I did watch it and America Ferrera earned those awards, but unfortunately the show was essentially a fad.  It didn’t have enough to keep it going, and the public fizzled on it fairly quickly.

So sorry you guys have to leave.  But I wish all the luck to you actors out there.  And I’m sure we’ll see you soon.

What about you?  Any shows you’re sad ended?

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  1. I was glad they ended Scrubs. I LOVE that show, but I watched a couple episodes of the last season and it was awful.

    I was kinda pissed about Flash Forward being canned. But Heroes was another one I was glad to see go because they were just destroying it.


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