Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Piece Of Me: Not much going on

Hey look!  It's the first of the month!  And I remembered to post!  And since this didn't take very long, I might even write another post for tomorrow.  Key word here is might.
So here is A Piece of Me...

This month (September)…
I like: My new haircut.  I got it today.

I don't like: that summer is already gone!  I didn't get enough beach time! Or sun time for that matter!

I want you to know: that I have two months left, then three months of exploring Europe on a visitors visa, then about a month in England, then probably Egypt, but THEN...I'm coming home...just don't ask me for the date.

I've planned: to hopefully see school friend and fellow blogger Ali, and a weekend trip to Friesland, the northern-most province of Holland

I want to say to someone special:
Dear's ridiculously cute how you try to be cool, but then  leave posts on my facebook letting me (subtly and rudely) know that you actually miss me.  Love you too.

Picture of the Month:

Word of the Day: September - September


  1. Okay, SO...

    I will be in Amsterdam (!!!) on day 3 of my trip, so that would be the 4th and 5th I believe. My itinerary says we're going from London to Amsterdam via Belgium and seeing the White Cliffs of Dover, canals and gable houses at night. Whoa! The next day, we're checking out museums, canals and cafes, then going to the Rhine Valley.

    How much sense does this make to you?

    Hope this works out!


  2. Wow, it sounds like you've got a good plan for your time left over there.

  3. haha totally just read the end haha


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