Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can you tell me how to get?

As I kid, I really REALLY enjoyed Sesame Street.  It was always on at the end of the day at preschool when we were allowed to watch TV while we waited for our parents to pick us up.
And recently, I've been watching way too many Sesame street clips on YouTube...see below.

Almost every clip they do on that show is genius!  They're so cute and funny.  I mean seriously...have you watched it lately?  The only thing I HATE is that Cookie Monster eats fruit...I mean...ugh.

When I was little I did a dance that involved five kids paired with five teens who were dressed like sesame street characters and we did a remixed version of the theme song.  I got to be with the count which meant that 1. I had the only boy. 2. I had a major crush on him. and 3. I got to be carried around on his shoulders.  And yes it was awesome.  I don't ahve a picture of it, but I'll try to find one later.

In high school we had to make a video about other countries economic and political crises and we took footage of sesame street and dubbed it with info on the Colombian Drug Wars.  OK maybe it wasn't appropriate for PBS, but we still found it funny.

In college in the drama department, group costumes are a HUGE thing.  My last Halloween of college, a big group of us decided to do Sesame Street.  Well, not exactly Sesame Street.  We described it as "The episode of Project Runway where they are asked to create a look for the BET awards based on characters from Sesame Street."  It was an ever evolving title.  But check out our costumes...

The girls - Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, and Big Bird

Bert and Ernie - they go'n cut you

Me with the Count and Cookie Monster.

Fien also loves Ernie.  Everytime we're on the Hoofdstraat she asks(in Dutch) "Do you have money for the Ernie car?"  If not, she still sits in it...

Of course, here it's in Dutch...and Big Bird is blue...

Well a few weeks ago, Katy Perry went and visited her friend Elmo over at Sesame Street in the hopes of playing with him.  And although she had fun, Moms asked that the video be bnned because Katy Perry was showing too much skin.  Which immediately made it an online sensation.  You can judge her outfit for yourself.  All I know is that I love it.

I just love the adult jokes that Sesame Street inserts when they have celebrity guests.  It's so cute.  You can even go on the Sesame Street YouTube channel for promised clean clips to watch with your kids.  Here's a couple more of my favorites...
It's really her voice. And notice the Tom Cruise Reference...

For all you Sex and the City Fans...

And I just love him...

This one's a two part of check it out.

But this isn't my first time looking up Sesame Street clips.  And i have to admit, only part of the time, it's with Fien next to me.  Here is by far my favorite.  My friend Pat (Ernie above...or Bert) even figured out the Piano and now has the sheet music for it.

And there's so many other...Michelle Obama, Colin Farrel, Jason Mraz, Ellen Degeneres...AAAHHH...too many!

Ok so I know that was a really random post.  But I feel like there was actually a lot of Sesame Street in my life.  So I thought I should share it with you.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Word of the Day: Straat - Street


  1. I don't think kids would have even noticed Katy Perry's boobs!

    My favorite Sesame Street character is Grover and I love the episode/skit where he's doing the "near/far" thing. Hilarious!

    And the "nope, nope, no, no, no, no" blue alien thingys. Great stuff that Sesame Street. At least the old school street was cool, anyway.

  2. I love Sesame Street! I have two tshirts with the cast on it and I wear them all the time!

  3. We love Sesame Street too! Our favorites are Feist 1,2,3,4 and the one with John Legend. : ) Had fun watching your video on the SITS site.

  4. My first word that wasn't like mommy or daddy was elmo! But Big Bird is my favorite, something about him being so big and nice.

    You know I LOVE Jason Bateman!! And NPH?! He's the best, HIMYM is one of the most hilarious shows on TV.


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