Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Ten: Blog Titles

It's another Back2Blogging entry!
 (And thanks Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances for bribing us to write with the promise of appliances!)

I've decided to go a little out of order.  Because...you know...I can.
Plus it's Tuesday.  Which means it's a...

So I'm using Wednesday's topic which is all about blog titles.  And why you like titles.  I mean they really are what sometimes draws other people to read it.  I know that's how I function.
Ironically...this title is a bit boring...I guess most of my Top Ten and Pieces of Me's are.  Oh well.
So here are the...


8/20/2010 - It's a Pocahontas Reference
The entire entry has nothing to do with Pocahontas except for the final sentence which is one line from one song.

8/1/2010 - You can also watch it on the Ocho
I like titles with obscure references to movies.  I like it even better when people get them...

4/17/2010 -  I Want You to Hit Me as Hard as You Can
I like this because it started off my IMDuBit series and the idea to just use a movie quote for the title instead of the actual movie title or some sort of commentary.  I also tend to do that with my television series entries as well which is also a good sum up of the time I've put into watching them.
4/11/2010 - From Spring to Sisqo in ten steps or less
There are no steps involved in the entry.  But I do mention Spring, and end with The Thong Song.

3/17/2010 - The Luck of the Hollish
I had already explained what Hollish meant at this point in my history of bloggingbut that doesn't mean that everyone knew that I knew it was "Dutch" not "Hollish."  At the same time "Luck of the Dutch" just doesn't seem to work as well.

3/10/2010 - Are the Made with Real Girl Scouts?
Again...obscure movie reference.  But I like it.

2/24/2010 - There are no Kangaroos in Austria
Nothing about marsupials in this blog...I just had to clear up any confusion between Central Europe and the land Down Under.

2/20/2010 - Czeching out Prague
Haha...it's funny because it's a play on words...

12/21/2010 - My Happy Ending...To Be Continued
I think this one describes everyone's life.  There is no ending...there's happy beginning, happy middles, but there is always something after it.  And it's up to you to keep it...well...happy.

12/17/2010 - Blog of a Young Girl
I think this ones sums up my entire blog, not just the post.  Granted 5371 Miles Away sums it up pretty well too...but this one has a little more sentiment.

So there you go...what do you think?  Don't you just want to read them ALL?!?!?

Word of the Day: titel - title


  1. I am off to check out the kangaroo post. Please stop by and check out my post too.

  2. Never thought about using quotes from movies as blog titles--neat idea.

    Visiting from SITS, here's mine:

  3. Haha, I remember reading some of these but the girl scout reference is great!


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