Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birth/Father's Day!

Today is my Dad's birthday.  And I never did a Father's Day post even though I did one for Mother's Day and I said I was going to.  Bad Libby!
It really bums me out that I can't be home to celebrate his birthday.  But the funny thing is, for the past five years, I haven't celebrated any birthdays with my family because I was always off at college (with the exception of my brother and his summer bday.)  But somehow, this is just a little worse.  Maybe it's because I have to schedule a time to call and say Happy Birthday.  Or the fact that if I forget or procrastinate (like I do) the birthday cards will not arrive on time.  Or maybe it's just missing home.  But either way, three months later, I give you my...


Happy Father's Day Papa!  You know I never actually called my dad Papa until I came's the Dutch word.  Also "vader" in "Luke I am your..." which is AAAAWESOME!  Although I'm pretty sure my father's not a part of the dark side.
Anyway, because I'm never actually sure what to write, I thought I'd tell you some stories...

This one time when I was about five, we were rock climbing in Yosemite (I was hard core back then.)  And we slipped and fell (we were strapped in, but still.)  Well my dad grabbed me, turned me around to face out, and slid down the side of the rock, completely cutting up his back in the process, just so I wouldn't get a scratch on me.

When my mom was pregnant with my brother, my dad ended up taking me on a family cruise to Mexico with my Grandma.  I don't remember much of it, but I do know that the formal picture we took is still on his dresser, and apparently there was quite the memories made with my dad and Uncle and Senor Frogs at a certain port.

When I was about six, by dad put on the tape of "The Eagles Greatest Hits."  And he said, you're going to learn this song.  And he proceeded to have me sing "Take it To The Limit" while feeding me the words right before each line.  It's still my favorite song of all time, and our song as well.

We used to go to Disneyland all the time when I was little as a family.  But after a lull, we returned, just Dad and I.  And Dad was set on going on Splash Mountain and we raced into the park and he said "I don't need a map, I know where to go" and then with his hands on my shoulders, raced me through the crowds towards the ride that is the longest distance from the main entrance.  And no...he did not need a map.  Although, to be fair, neither do I anymore.
On that same trip, California Adventure had just opened, and we saw an "Eagles" tribute band and they sang "Take it To The Limit."  Just to tie all that back in.

I was in this Father Daughter group called "Y-Indian Princesses" and one year my dad was HEAD CHIEF!  At camp that year, I felt so cool because I got to stand at the front during the ceremonies and beat a drum.  Our tribe was also basically the best...just sayin.

I had broken up with a boyfriend, and the next day my dad came in my room and handed me a stuffed Snoopy keychain.  It was cheap little freebie thing, but he thought it would cheer me did.

On my dad's 50th birthday, my best friend from childhood and I played against our fathers (also best friends since high school) in a game of beer pong.  We so so incredibly badly.
(this is us with our dads after the game...we were gracious losers)

So I don't know if you can tell...but my dad is basically awesome.  Of course, don't get me wrong, so is my mom.  But she already had her day...sorry Mom.
Happy Birthday Daddy.  Love you.
Oh and Happy Father's Day.

Word of the Day: vaderdag - Father's Day


  1. Cherish those moments with your Daddy! Tell him Happy Birthday!!

    Come by after you finish eating cake...

  2. Lovely tribute to your Dad. I think I'll steal the idea for me for next Father's Day... Hope you're having fun in the Netherlands. Dropped in via SITS.


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