Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where you lead, I will follow

Remember when I finished Frasier?  And then I announced I would be starting my new show?  Well I finished! Yes already.
Gilmore girls is done!
And I’m a little sad. Because I really really enjoyed it!

So here’s the breakdown…
-153 episodes.
-63 days (I took out the five weeks Nina was here since I didn’t watch it at all then)
-Divide that ish up and you get – about 2.5 episodes a day.
Which seems to make sense.  Because I obviously didn't watch it every day and when I did, I usually watched an episode and a half before megavideo cut me off for not being a member.  Waited an hour (cleaned, cooked, blogged, etc.) Then watched the other half and another episode.  Ok so these episodes are a full hour (well, 40 minutes without commercials) as opposed to the half hour Frasier and Cheers.  A little more than 2 hours of TV a night…perfectly normal and healthy right?

Anyway…on to the review…
The writing is very witty.  And although a little over-exaggerated because I don’t know anyone who could be that sarcastic/witty/on at all times, it was still very funny. Especially Lauren Graham’s Lorelai (the Mom.)
I also really liked that Alexis Bledel was the same age a Rory was supposed to be.  It meant you got to actually watch her grow up on the show.  And I didn’t have to waste effort pretending this twenty five year old was too young to have had her first kiss.
Ok so sometimes the romance storylines pissed me off.   I mean…come on ladies, get it together.  Especially Rory with Logan…and Dean…and Jess for that matter.  Yea I think that covers it.
Ok and I don’t want to give it away, but for those of you who know…how cool is Rory’s job that she gets at the end?  Knowing what has happened since in the world, it’s so cool to think of her working where she is.  I know that’s cryptic, but I don’t want to give it away in case sometime in the future you  decide to watch it.
And maybe it was me getting older, or my biological clock ticking, or the fact that I myself take care of a three year old and have a younger sister, but I found myself siding with Lorelai!  Like every time!  And I believe that had I watched the show when it was actually airing, I would have been in teen mode and thought that Rory was “soooo right – I can’t believe Lorelai is angry that she wasn’t listening!”  But I guess with age, comes the wisdom to side with fictional TV moms.  In fact sometimes I thought she was too lacks in her punishments.  I was like “Come on Lorelai…punish her…send her to her room!”  And I look at these relationships, and though I’ve come to love and appreciate being allowed to poke inside their private lives, I wouldn’t trade any of it for my own.  My life has made me a completely different person, but who ever said I wanted to be Rory Gilmore?

So on to the next.  And I already know what it is...Buffy the Vampire Slayer, followed by Angel. Or is it "along with," not "followed by?"  Because they ran at the same time right? Can someone explain this to me? I've seen one episode ever - the musical one. I know I know...what did I do as a teenager having never seen any of these shows? But I'm catching up now.  So wish me luck!

Word of the Day: dochter - daughter


  1. I just finished watching Mad Men. That's 3 and a half seasons (because it's still airing), about 45 episodes.
    I was done in... 5 days.

    I had nothing else to do, obviously.

    ps: I love Buffy and Angel. Good stuff.

  2. Um, I AM OBSESSED WITH GILMORE GIRLS. I finished all 7 seasons as well, in a matter of...oh, 3 months. Really sad, but I am in love. And I want to live in Stars Hollow right this second.

    But I digress.

    So, how do I get in touch with you when I am in Amsterdam, lady? We gotta figure this out, since I'm due at the airport in, oh...2 hours!


    PS: My cell: (818) 585-4878

  3. OMG lol you're just like me. I love watching box sets back to back to back to back until I finish the whole thing. I really need to get on Dexter Seasons 3 and 4 because I haven't watched them.

    You know which show I wanna see until the end, Felicity (not sure if you remember that one with Keri Russell) and My So Called Life. LOVED THOSE SHOWS, but never finished watching them when they were on tv.

  4. I've seen every episode of Buffy & Angel. I was obsessed with Buffy, I don't know what it is but it had me at hello. LOL!

  5. I loved Gilmore Girls but I hated how it ended! Logan was by far my favorite guy!

  6. I've never watched "Gilmore Girls"... *gasp* I'm currently knee deep in "Weeds". I recently (like last week) finished watching "Nip/Tuck" from start to finish. I'll have to put the Gilmore's in my Netflix queue!

  7. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I own all the seasons on DVDs. The writing just cracked me the heck up. I'm amazed the show never got an Emmy.

  8. Gilmore girls is my favorite tv show, hands down!!! :)

  9. Blogger ate my comment. Sigh.

    I know I had a lot to say, but I'll just say is that I'm so glad you liked it! (like I knew you would!)

    I agree that no one is that witty all the time. I also didn't think it was realistic how many times they alluded to a movie or book...there's no way one person (especially a 16yo) had read/watched that much! She had a life.


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