Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Ten: Father's/Birth Day

Both times I've typed the above title, I feel like it's linguistically misleading.  I want it to mean birth-day and father's-day.  But when I type it out it looks like it's my birth father's day.  Which I don't even know what that is.  I mean...my father is my birth father (right mom?)...I don't have a step dad or foster dad but when I put Birth Father it looks like someone other than who I would normally refer to as "my dad."  But then if I flip the two it just looks like Father's Birthday.  Which is also what this is.  Ok maybe I'm just way over thinking this.  You've probably tuned out already anyway...
Moving on...since I just did my long over due Father's Day post, I'm following up with my Father's Day...

But unlike Mother's Day with it's Mommy Dearests and Mrs. Robinsons, bad fathers don't make you love to hate them...you just hate them.  So these are actually good fathers (ok most of them.)  So here are my...


George Bluth Sr. - Played by Jeffrey Tambor
Arrested Development

Cliff Huxtable - Played by Bill Cosby
The Cosby Show

Scott Calvin - Played by Tim Allen
The Santa Clause
(My dad's initial's are also SC - we use it to convince him that he too, is Santa Claus)
(Also, I chose this one over Home Improvement even though Tim Allen is also an awesome Dad in that one)

Mr. Bennet - Played by Donald Sutherland
Pride & Prejudice
(And all other Jane Austen dads)

King Triton - Voiced by Kenneth Mars
Little Mermaid
(My dad used to say "Ariel" just like he did when I was "in trouble")

Professor Henry Jones - Played by Sean Connery
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Clark Griswold - Played by Chevy Chase
Any and All, but most importantly, Christmas Vacation

Chris Gardiner - Played by Will Smith
Pursuit of Happyness

Daniel Hillard - Played by Robin Williams
Mrs. Doubtfire

Darth Vader - Played by David Prowse, Voiced my James Earl Jones
Original Star Wars Trilogy
 (Don't forget...vader is Dutch for Father!)

So what do you think?  Do you have any to add? I know there are so many others!

Word of the Day: beschermer - protector


  1. Seriously, are we the same person? I love all these picks.


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