Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sandcastles in the Sand

It's Sand Sculpture time here in Noordwijk!
Every year to mark the end of summer, artists get together and carve great big sand sculptures.  Then they get judged.  They remain on the beach for about a month or so.  Fien and I enjoy going down and looking at them almost every day.
Yesterday Fien and I headed over (on the gorgeous day that is was.)  This year's theme was Space.  Although the poster had this picture of a giant rocket.  And there was no rocket in sight!  I really wanted a giant sand rocket!
Oh well.  Enjoy the rest of them...
First there was Snoopy goes to the moon complete with dog house.  This one was from the Noordwijk Space Expo which is currently having a "Snoopy in Space" exhibition.  Fien and I might go see it one of these days...

Then there's this weird Adam and Eve vs. Adam and Robot?  I don't know...but it's very well crafted...

And this satellite one which unfortunately has broken on the side...

And there were two Toy Story ones...both Fien's favorite.
(Fien did not knock down the barrier)

But my favorite was the Wall-E one...because he's just so cute...

And then just because we were on the beach, Fien couldn't resist being Queen for a moment.
(The statue is of Queen Wilhelmina.)

It was raining today (fickle weather,) so tomorrow we're going to go check to make sure there wasn't too much damage.  I don't really know how they protect them.  Oh well.
Hope you enjoyed your quick trip to the beach! With love, from the North Sea!

And for those wondering what the title of the blog is...
(it's from How I Met Your Mother)

Word of the Day: sculptuur - sculpture


  1. Wow, that Fien is such a character! I love her expressions.

  2. I just loved the sandcastle pictures. Too amazing!!

    Come by when you get back from the beach....

  3. What a beautiful little girl with the most fabulous little red trench coat! :)


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