Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm BAAAAAAACK's been three weeks!!!  How do I know this? 1. I looked at a calendar.  2. My mother, aunts, and Grandma have all reminded.  Sorry everyone, I've been so out of the loop.  But this running around being a traveler, sister, nanny, and all around awesome person takes on toll on one's self.  Plus that whole not-having-internet thing.  So to get this Friday going, we're going to do a two-way one.  It's...

And today's Fragments are all things that I would normally turn into full posts but seeing as I have way too many of those already to write, you can be less bored by reading the 5 minute versions.  Some of these are exciting!  Some of these are emotional!  And some of these you're probably wondering how I would have ever turned it into a full post with out repeating myself over and over again. Like I do.

-Blogs to be written (and subsequently looked forward to): Finishing Barcelona (or did I already do that?) Malaga, Granada/El Chorro, Rotterdam and the Tour de France, Zaans Schaans, Den Haag, Antwerp, 4th of July, Amsterdam, Amsterdam and the World Cup, Noordwijk and Fien, Paris, Paris, Paris, Top 10 Follow-up, Missing my Sister.  Be excited.  Check your google reader every second you get.  I know I would (if I had internet.)

- I joined the library.  They have a moderately impressive selection of English books (not yet ready to tackle the Dutch novels.)  It cost my 30 euros, but I figured, that's the price of less than three new books and since a kindle is still nowhere in sight, I'll have to make due.

-The re-modeling is basically done.  Well, the men are gone, everyone is in their new rooms, and Rogier is working like a mad man to make the new floor livable.  Which means I get a laundry room!  And hopefully soon, they will move the internet to a better wi-fi location.

-My aunts Avon walk was a success!  She raised almost $3000!!!  Here's to kicking some boob defacing ass.  But it's over now hence the change of layout.  And soon...a major layout change!!!

-My Power Balance/Ranger bracelet has become a huge success!  Not only did it spark many a conversation during our travels, but the Dutch Football Team WORE THEM IN THE WORLD CUP.  And I'd like to think it's because they read my post.

-Lily (you'll remember her from the Sweet Guest Blog) now writes for the Orlando Travel Examiner on Amsterdam!!  So if you like reading about Amsterdam, and enjoy getting fun articles right in your inbox, then help a girl out and go check it out here (she gets paid based on views, subscriptions, etc.)

-A word on M&Ms...Here in Holland, Peanut M&Ms are my favorite.  But that's because regular M&Ms have a weird not-in-a-good-way caramel taste to them.  But US regular M&Ms do not.  Also they're not as shiny (Dutch ones.)  Also there's crispy (which I have yet to try because I don't really like them anyway) but almond and peanut butter are unheard of...crazy Dutch.  Which explains why the 56 oz. bag Grammy sent us is gone.  Except for a couple which we used for a "project" which you will see in an upcoming blog.

-I have become a clean freak!  Just ask my sister.  Those of you who knew me in college or took one look at my room at home would know that this was not the case eight months ago.  But now, I like my house clean and in order.  Much to the annoyance of my sister.

-My Dutch has officially moved to an "Intermediate" level.  Over the last month I've had conversations with several people all in Dutch!  Granted I have to tell them it's not so good, and sometimes they have to correct my grammar, but I am getting awesome.  And you know how I know it's good? Nina has no idea what I'm saying!

-My current plan...I'm here until January.  By then I will hopefully have a job as a tour guide and can stay in Holland longer I mean until they start hiring teachers in California.

-The wedding has been canceled!!  Oh sorry, let me tell you why...because Suzan is PREGNANT!!!  So exciting!  And according to my schedule, I'll be here when the baby comes!  Hooray!  More to come on that in the next six months :-D

-This picture, I believe, sums up the last five weeks...

Wow...aren't you glad you got to read that all now instead of over the next week or so?  You're welcome.
I'm so happy to be blogging again. :-D

Word of the day: welkom - welcome (back)


  1. Good to have you back! I was forgetting all my dutch words!

  2. It sounds like you're doing great!!!!

  3. I can't wait to see all your travel pictures! Thanks for putting my column up there :)

  4. I was rooting for Netherlands in the World Cup final. I hate that they lost!


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