Monday, May 17, 2010

Whistle While you Work

Rogier, Suzan, and the neighbors with a house that shares a wall with ours, have decided to start construction on a third story of the house.  Oh man...this is my current life...
-One night we had guys here until eleven at night.  Even though my house is separate from the roof construction, the noise still kept me up.  Fien went and slept at Oma's.
-Fien is moving to the office, the office is moving upstairs, and Fien's room is turning into a closet type space.
-The workmen enjoy when I bake things with Fien because then they get to have some.
-They moved the internet to the other side of the house for electrical purposes so my internet is constantly cutting in and out making skype ridiculously frustrating.  Also it makes watching Frasier frustrating.  But I feel I sound pathetic when I put it like that.  Also facebook stalking...but also, again...pathetic.
-It rained a couple days last week...and there's not current roof on the house.  I had no pots in which to cook dinner.
-The workmen knocked over a brick pillar and sent it crashing to the street two stories below.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  But now I'm scared to be anywhere near the outside of the house.
-I GET A LAUNDRY ROOM!  It's more attempting to maneuver wet laundry on the kitchen floor.-The roof isn't even finished and Suzan and Rogier are already discussing expanding their kitchen.  The plans would take the current kitchen wall and move it to where my living room ends.  The upstairs "extra" room in my house would then be the new living room.  Fortunately this will happen after I leave.
-The workmen listen to pop radio so I'm constantly hearing dance remixes of Lady Gaga songs. (not complaining!)
-Rogier is using this as an opportunity to fix other things in the house, including lots of painting which means desperate grabs for Fien whenever she gets the urge to run and see Papa.
-For some reason whenever I change Fien's diaper, is the exact moment some guy needs to come down the ladder which passes right by her window revealing a lovely shot of a poop butt and me making grossed out face.
-My house has become a storage place for many of the things that were in the attic.  I have five extra chairs, a mattress, two "tea crates," some luggage, Fien's crib, plus anything else that was able to fit in the loft in my room.  I don't mind, because the main house is worse...but I have way more chairs than I need right now.

Yep.  I feel like there are posts I want to write, but the all require the background knowledge of what's going on in the house.  Who knows if I'll ever get around to writing all of them, but at least I wrote this one.
Any tips on surviving remodeling?

Word of the Day: bouw - construction


  1. Remodeling is soooo much fun!!

  2. My husband and I had to sleep on in our living room for days after painting and redoing on floors in the master bedroom.

    It's so funny that the workmen always walk by when you have your yuck-poop face, LOL.

  3. I have a hard time imagining a bunch of workmen grooving to Lady Gaga.


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