Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fragments: Reflections of a blogger...

I'm gonna try and start another thing...themed Fridays.  There's so many words that start with F...and most of them are appropriate.  So today is Fragments. I got the idea From Tracie.  And I feel like today is a day to talk about my blog.  And how it's going.  And all that stuff.  In fragment form (Hey!  Another F word!)

-This construction means that my internet keeps going in and out preventing me from exploring the bloggie world and posting on time.  I've discovered scheduled postings and I like it!
-It's been almost a months since my SITS day.  And because of that wonderful opportunity, I made lots of new friends and got lots of new comments and followers.  And I have yet to visit them all!!!  Ugh I know...horrible.  But I'm really trying a promise.  I don't want to just visit a blog and go "cool there it is."  I want to explore and find out more about you!!  So I will get to them all...eventually.
-I want to start doing some "mini-series."  I've already got some ideas lined up - Stereotypical Holland, The Nanny Blogs, etc.
-I want to change my layout.  I want three columns.  And a fancy button.  And a little square thing up by the URL.  But I'm html challenged.  Alas, I have yet to win a blog makeover, and these things cost money which I could be spending on, oh I don't know, a train ticket to Paris.
-Upon reading my comments, I have RECEIVED AWARDS!!!  Do you know how exciting that it?  Now I just need to figure out who to pass them on to and write a post about it.  Because I think giving them to someone is actually more exciting!!!
-This does not have to do with my blog, but I still haven't seen Sex and the City 2.  And I'm dying inside.
-How do you make a condensed blog url for twitter?  Someone help me!!!
-I haven't blogged about Fien in a's a cute picture to hold you over.  Please notice Swiper on the tv.  That sneaky fox is probably going to try and swipe the tart-y goodness.
-I was looking for a fun comic to end this strip.  I found this 25 others.

Word of the day: luilak - slacker


  1. "How do you make a condensed blog url for twitter? Someone help me!!!"


  2. Thanks for the visit and the shout out! I'm loving your fragments!

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by my mini-SITS day today. Lots of folks to go visit and meet!

    You can find a lot of great blog templates for free if you do a search. That is how I got mine.

    Fien is a cutie-pie!

    On twitter, I use Hootsuite and there is a link shortener right there under the spot you type in your "tweet" it makes it easy! =)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the last comic! That's what I'm telling myself right now! :D


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