Sunday, May 16, 2010

I want your lovin' and I want your revenge

Last night I did it…
I saw it…
I experienced it…

That’s right…The Lady Gaga Monster’s Ball Tour 2010.

And it was amazing.  No strike that…it was incredible.  Wait one more…it was...

Say what you will about Lady Gaga (except keep negative things to yourself thank you very much), that woman can put on a show.  The show started off with Semi Precious Weapons.  At first it seemed strange, but once I realized what they were/about I realized only this band could ever open for the Gags.  It was a rock/metal band lead by a fabulously gay transvestite with gold glittered boots who dropped the f-bomb more times than Gaga changed outfits.  And somehow it was perfect.  They’re hit single out later this year was entitled “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m F*ckin’ Gorgeous.”
But then…It was time.  It’s so hard to explain…the outfits, the dancing, the sets…all so amazing.  I also appreciate my required Drama 50 classes in college a lot more now because I was able to appreciate the set/costume/lighting and sound designs much more.  Not only did I notice “Hey look Gaga has a black lace onesie,” I also was able to think, “hey look at those high-waisted modern leos on the men and how they complement their dancing and the surrounding tree/forest set and gobo’d moonlit lighting for this particular piece. (It was “Alejandro” for those curious.)
I also love Lady Gaga for what she stands for.  I know I know all you moms/Fox news reporters are like "All she does is dance around half /fully naked. But listen. Over and over again she continually encourages anyone and everyone to be who they are.  Yes she is an extreme of so many things…and some (crazy) people tend to not like that.  But she has provided a gateway for teenage, young adult, gay, straight, tall, short, people to be happy with themselves.  Seriously…watch almost every interview she’s ever done.  Also she said it at the concert.  Another beautiful moment was in the middle of “Speechless” (one of my favorite songs) she asked for a moment of reflection on the plane crash a couple days ago that killed many Dutch citizens leaving a single 8 year old boy as a survivor.
Ok now for the bad part…I couldn’t afford the good tickets.  I couldn’t even afford the floor tickets.  To be honest, I couldn’t afford the tickets I had.  But I was still there to enjoy the concert and dance the night away to the best current dance music artist out there (it’s true.)  So when a song like “Just Dance” comes on, what should you do?  Why get up and dance of course!  Except for some reason, my section was filled with party poopers.  NO ONE GOT UP!  And after a quick chorus, we were actually TAPPED ON THE SHOULDER AND ASKED TO SIT DOWN!!!!  Our reply…
- You do realize you’re at a pop concert don’t you?
- Do you know the title of this song?
- This isn’t the symphony!
- Are you f*ckin sh*tting me?
- Why are you a forty year old woman with no obvious younger children under your control even at a Lady Gaga concert?

- Oh ok, sorry.

Yea that’s right…we conceded…until “Telephone.”  Finally people starting standing around us, and with a (bitchy I admit) glance backward, we proudly stood and danced the rest of the song away.  Along with several songs after.  And soon forgot the horrible task that had been requested of us and enjoyed the rest of the night.
Now, I took pictures, but since I was so far away, none of them really turned out.  But here’s me after the show…

My only regret is that I didn't get more "dressed up."  Lady Gaga's probably one of the few concerts I could have gotten away with wearing my bright pink tights and giant bow headband.  Yes I really own both of those things.

So let’s just say it was wonderful.  And now for some Lady Gaga tributes…to my current song I’m obsessing with “Bad Romance”...

First…I found this over on Happy Jeannie’s blog today and it was totally appropriate…she’s right too, it does remind you of college…

Then there’s this one…Hooray for (very) supportive mothers!

And then the piece de resistance…my very own Fien…I know…it’s amazing…

Word of the Day: magisch - magical


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  2. i saw semi precious weapons a couple years ago in toronto - crazy and fab. love their merch - i still want the bag with that song title written on it. would be crazy to see them now with the lady gaga budget!

  3. I LOVE Lady Gaga... my SIL is super uptight and she convinced my husband that Gaga was evil, so now he won't go to a concert :(

    BUT I am totally going as soon as she come to North Carolina.

    Great videos!!


    That is all.

  5. I kinda like Lady Gaga..... that's it

  6. Glad you liked the concert! Thanks for the shout out!

  7. How do you NOT get up & dance - especially to THAT song? What wimpy people!

    Yep - you coulda got away wearing NOTHING at that concert!!! haha!!!

  8. I'm not a huge fan of Lady Gaga as an artist, mainly bc it seems like she does so many things for shock value alone.

    That being said, I'll be darned if I don't friggin love every single one of her songs!!!

    Whoever told you not to dance during "just dance" should be punched in the face.

  9. I AM SO JEALOUS! I love Lady Gaga! I'm obsessed with Alejandro.

  10. great post! She's coming to Charlotte, NC in a few months and I get to see her ~ For FREE!! Don't get to excited.... I work at the areana. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like it going to be a ROCKING good time. {I better buy tickets for my teenagers now} and you better believe we'll be standing UP!!!

  11. OMG, I love Lady Gaga. If it weren't for her music on my i-pod, I'd never get through my workouts. I can't believe your section wasn't all up dancing.

  12. I'm not a concert person, but she is one that I think that I could really enjoy in concert. Glad you enjoyed it!


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