Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Apple...

I have your next iPhone ad...
You're welcome.

In case you were wondering, no she is not just holding it...she really knows how to work it.
And yes we are in an apple store.

Word of the day: appel - apple


  1. So adorable and disturbing at the same time.

  2. Hi! Happy SITS day! I like your sense of humor, and it sounds like you're having an awesome experience in Europe!

  3. Happy SITS Day! Fien is awesome, not crazy :) What a great experience- I read your very first post too- good for you for taking the plunge and going on this adventure!

  4. Man, if I were an Apple exec I'd be all over this! Too cute!

  5. damn i had no idea there were free tours in berlin. we did look for 1984 there, but in amsterdam too... gonna wiki that banning thing...
    we had wanted to do a couple of the free sights near the wall in berlin but they were under construction, a bummer really.

  6. I'm sure she knows how to use it. She probably taught the rest of the family, right?


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