Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yes but will it help me stop rambling when I type?

My freshman year of college I spent hours upon hours on ebay scouring the book section for chick lit reads.  I got so many books that year, I never actually read them all.  I have now.  And my mom has too…and I think my sister is starting on them.
Then my junior year I spent hours finding old movie posters and prints to decorate our house with.  I ended up with some nice ones and as I am cheap, didn’t pay a lot for any of them.
Then I started to lay off the ebay.  There was nothing calling too me, especially when I was in walking distance to a Target.
Then I read this post over at Aleta’s blog.  And just like her, I was skeptical.  (She has a later post with videos of her family trying it out...I should get on that.) Let me explain what it is.  It’s called the Powerbalance.
It’s a wristband…with a hologram…that apparently makes you stronger and have better balance.  Like Iron Man.  Or the Power Rangers.  Or something equally as awesome.  Now I never put any stock in any sort of homeopathic, weird, new age, crap.  In fact once my roommate came home and said she had been to an “herbal guru” to help her with whatever the hell was wrong.  And he put tubes of elements in her hand, hand her hold them out, and if her arm when down when he hit it, it meant she was allergic.  No joke.  Suzee and I went around for a week picking up things and hitting each other’s arms down…like all the time…with everything…even our cat…and her boyfriend…we though we were hilarious.
Anyway, so I did some research.  We all (should) know that holograms contain magnetic fields and stuff like that.  Like when they’re on credit cards.  And we all know our bodies conduct electricity.  We learned that from those stupid toys that you could either hold from the bottm or put in water and they lit up.  (Do you remember those?  A Squirt from Finding Nemo comes to mind.  Probably from McDonalds.)  And apparently that’s all it is.  But I had to try it.
So it was back to ebay.  And I found one for super cheap.  And when it got here, Suzan, Rogier, and I spent a good half hour doing all the “tests.”  And they all worked!!  Seriously!  I’s crazy.  And I don’t exactly know what’s going on.  But I love it.  I can’t say whether or not it helps in every day life because I don’t think I’m a generally clumsy person.  But Shaq seems to think it does.  Just sayin’.
You can check out the tests here.  I highly recommend it.  And then if you can find a cheap one on ebay, get it.  Why not?  Just to try it and impress your friends.  We’re gonna try out the wristband in all sorts of situations.  We’ll see what goes down…I’ll keep you posted.

Oh but that’s not the only thing…after my search for the band on ebay, I once again became addicted.  I’ve discovered a group of importers who ship thngs for free and for so cheap.  It’s probably illegal…maybe.  I bought a whole bunch of work out things for like a dollar.  Including a neck slimmer…to exercise my neck…because I don’t talk enough.  And a couple sweat bands.  And a pulse checker thing for when I go running (which I’ve totally started doing.)  Oh man I have a problem.

Word of the day: evenwicht - balance


  1. I absolutely love that you wanted to get the band and that you had the same results! It's great! I bought clear one and keep it on my left arm. My parents bought one each as well and so did my uncle and aunt. No, my brother refuses to get one, even though his wife really wants him to. Hehe. Thanks for sharing the blog love :)

  2. I've never even HEARD of this... that's crazy... my skeptical side is saying this video is full of it... but you can tell a difference? Oh dang - I want one just so I can sport a pink power ranger suit! :)


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