Sunday, May 30, 2010

I feel like a Cathy Cartoon

I was going to write a lovely post about picnicing etc. but then it started to rain which made me not in the mood to write about the sun.
Also I spent the last two hours talking to my best friend Suzee Q.  It should be noted, that this is the FIRST TIME we have gotten to speak on the phone since I've been here, and we are both horrible at emailing, and I practically started crying when I heard her voice. was wonderful.  So instead I give you this quick little post...

I am craving chocolate sooo badly right now.
I just made some hot chocolate from Grammy...mmm...but that doesn't seem to settle it.
I actually thought about going out (in the POURING rain) a couple kilometers down the road to the Albert Heijn (since the local Vomar is already closed) to buy a bag of overpriced M&Ms.
But I didn't.
Oh M&Ms...I love you so.

Apparently I'm not the only one craving some cocoa...

Word of the Day: chocolaterie - place that sells chocolate


  1. M&Ms are awesome. They're also expensive here in Korea. I bought some a couple weeks ago and paid about $4.50 for a medium-small bag.

  2. awww she's so cute!

    didn't know m&ms were so expensive in other countries--i guess we take cheap chocolate for granted here in the US

  3. haha... my husband is a big fan of M&M, whenever we are at gas station, he will go inside to pay and will return with a packet of M&M, which is his driving staple...haha... sometimes even i get annoyed the way he eats M&M as if it's peanuts :-P

  4. My mom would always buy a bag, then when we would take some, she'd scold us for eating her M&Ms. I'd always say "I wouldn't touch your bag if you'd buy some for us, too!" It's a family addiction haha.


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