Friday, May 21, 2010


What's the first thing you think of when I say Holland?
Ok not the windmills.  What's the second thing?
That's right! Tulips!

A couple weeks ago, Lily and I decided to head on over to the most touristy thing in the Netherlands...the two month flower exhibition known as "The Keukenhoff."  This is one of those things that, if you're visiting Holland while it's there, you should go.  If you live in Holland, chances are you've never been there in your life.  Or if you have been there, it was when a friend was visiting.
Anyway, we bought our overpriced tickets, got on the bus and headed over.  And as luck would have it, we ran into our friend Nicole from CS events on the bus.  She was going by herself, but we were so happy she could join up with us!
Well it was HUGE!  Garden upon garden of flower after flower.  Mostly bulb flowers (because that's what Holland is famous for.)  Bulb flowers are special because they only bloom for about two months of every year.  So in the end of May, all the flowers get cut down, and the bulb hibernated for another ten months before poking it;s pretty flower head out again.  But I think this post can best be described with pictures.  After all, I took a bunch of them.  You can click on them to make them bigger.  I promise none of them have been photoshopped.  Maybe a couple were cropped, but that's about it.  And yes, it's true what you're thinking...the place smelled amazing!
First let's start with this picture...
When we got there a guy seemed to hone in on us (I think because we spoke English) and asked us to take his picture.  Then he volunteered to take ours.  We said ok, but then realized there were no real flowers in it.  What there were, were mountains, which is about as far from "Dutch" as you can get.

Then we'll move onto the non flower-y things.  Like streams...
And Japanese awnings...
And bridges...
And statues...
And chickens...
And hedges...
And...the Flintstones?

And let's not forget snack time!

Ok now the moments you've all been waiting for...FLOWERS!!
First, the theme was "From Russia With Love."  But this was the only thing that indicated that...

Rows and rows of flowers upon flowers...

Every year they add new "breeds" to the  show...these are some of this years awesomely named ones...

I just like the names of these ones...

And now some fun with closeups...

 Lily with the lilies!

Aw dead flowers make me sad...

Hello Mr. Spider!

And no trip to a cultural tourist trap would be complete without traditional Dutchiness...

Now for a game we invented...find flowers to match your shirt!  Lily already knew which one she was looking for...

Nicole and I started off well!

Then I found one that matched both my shirts!

But we finally settled on a winner!

What a lovely day in Holland!  I'm glad I got to experience it, even if it's just this one time.  And no day would be complete without one more group shot...this time with flowers!

Word of the day: bloemen - flowers


  1. As a horticulture major in college, I wish I was there!! I have been wanting to go to Holland for sooooo long! I want to check out the flower mart.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I'll take those bloemen any day! Making me drool. Tulips are my very, very, very favorite and I cannot get them to grow! I feel like I fell in a vat of chocolate. Thanks!!

  3. Love love love!!! That's it, I'm starting my garden.

  4. What beautiful pictures, SITS-tah!

  5. Beautiful place!

    And I'd be thrilled with snack time too. I love cotton candy.

  6. You've been given a Beautiful Blogger award! Check out my site!

  7. I love love love your pictures! They always look so great!

  8. OMG, that bridge looks so much fun, and all those flowers are gorgeous xx

  9. wow, what gorgeous photos! makes me really want to go some day...

  10. I stumbled upon your blog tonight and loved this post about the tulips! Your photographs are gorgeous and make me want to visit Holland! What a cool job you have over there.

    Kir from:

  11. What a fun day with flowers and old people!


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