Thursday, May 27, 2010

And I began to wonder...

Ok...this post should be about how I just got back from seeing Sex and the City 2 and how I LOVED IT!
Unfortnately it's not.
Ugh, Grrr, and a whole bunch of expletives I shouldn't be typing!!!!!
For starters, I was super excited because originally, the movie was coming out the 27th in the Netherland and the 28th in the US.  This meant that I had a fighting chance to see it around the same time my friends were busting out their midnight showing tickets, three cocktails in, and wearing cute dresses.
But alas, they changed the date.  No was the 28th America.  It was on my facebook. at nine o clock this morning while I was wrestling a two year old out of her pajamas and threatening water-in-the-eyes-if-she-didn't-tilt-her-head-back-for-the-love-of-God-so-I-wouldn't-get-soap-in-her-face, my sister was sitting outside a movie theater waiting to be let in to see Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha get whisked away to Abu Dabi and make us cry about why we can't have their wardrobe or see Liza Minelli perform "Single Ladies" live.
So, then I was supposed to go see it today.  But my friend ended up not being able to make it.  So tomorrow I'm headed into Amsterdam wearing my I ♥ Sex and the City shirt and catching it with some of my fellow aupairs. least it's opening weekend.
So instead I'm dedicating this post to my predictions.
DO NOT TELL ME HOW WRONG I AM!!!  Wait till I see it.  I will cut you.

-Carrie will maybe kiss Aiden.  That's it.  The whole Aiden vs. Big thing already happened...Big twice.  And Big is intoxicated by Penelope Cruz.  But she tries to seduce him and he gallantly refuses.  I think the producers are smart enough to not put the viewers through a whole lot more Big drama.  Been there, done that, for six years, and a movie already.
-Miranda is going to get pissed at something Samantha always happens.
-In the previews, it shows Carrie giving Big a watch that says "Just us Two" which I think means that ironically, she'll be pregnant by the time the credits roll.
-Samantha will fall in love with Smith...ok that's not going to happen, but I would really appreciate it if they had a bare chested picture of him in the corner for the entirety of the film.  Also she might impale herself on one of her shoulder spikes...
-Charlotte goes back home with a "new lease on Mommy-dom" which includes Harry taking them once a week...she's too OCD perfect to attempt anything greater.
-Stanford and Anthony get married...big deal.  Anthony annoys me, and Anthony should definitely not be wearing white.  But Liza performs...oh man.

Yea...that's it.  Ok...don't tell me what happened.  I'll see you all tomorrow!!!

Word of the Day: Seks en de Stad - Sex and the City


  1. This post was PURE TORTURE to read since I saw it early this morning at freaking MIDNIGHT!!

    Can't wait to hear what you think!!

  2. I feel your pain! Three of my girlfriends and I would always see it on opening night together. This year one of them is out of town on opening night and she is making us wait until she gets back to see it. At least you will get to see it opening weekend right? Have fun!

  3. I saw it today! LOL! The only thing I will say is that it got terrible reviews and it's really long and I hated the first movie. So, I was expecting to be miserable this time too! But I wasn't. The tv show was definitely better, but this was frothy fun and I had a good time!



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