Friday, January 14, 2011

No animal should require Eight Legs

Dude, I'm back (don't call me dude.)
I have TWO WEEKS left with my munchkin.  That's right.  And since there's so much to catch up on, the next fourteen days are going to be dedicated to her.  Because you can hear about everything else later.

Here we go...Fien-a-palooza day 1...

Spiders FREAK ME OUT!  It's no secret that I have an extreme case of arachnophobia.
I was totally fine with them until that stupid Jeff Daniels movie...what fifth grade substitute thinks that's a good movie to show your class on Halloween?
Here is me overcoming this fear in the summer of 2008...
See that twinkle in my eye?  Nope that's just me on the verge of tears.  That smile is not real.

In the fall, there is a type of wood spider that comes out and decides that the entirety of Holland deserves to be it's new home.  You find them everywhere.  You tear down the web and a minute later you are watching it rebuild.  They are over your head, blocking doorways, under bike's not fun.  And since they're small and you can't see the webs from a distance, you just look like a crazy person running around ducking and avoiding and being altogether INSANE.

Well Fien and I enjoy walking and taking pictures and since I had an awesome zoom, I decided I could take pictures of them from a safe distance.  As my sister would say (when confronted with Mickey Mouse) "I can see them from here."
So here are the creepy arachnids (the small pictures don't really do them justice, but if you feel like it, you can click for a larger image)...

In the backyard.
Above the gate leading to the backyard (and threatening to come down on your head AT ANY MOMENT!)

In the walkway to the gate.

Doorway right outside the walkway

Window next to the doorway
Notice I haven't even walked 200 feet yet...

And then as I stood from a distance, snapping pictures...

There's nothing like being made to feel a wuss by a three year old who doesn't even like when I turn on the vaccuum cleaner.

Well winter came, and they all seem to be gone.  And I'm thankful I'll be gone before they decide to return.

Word of the Day: spiner - spider

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm not a fan of spiders either, so I'd be glad I wasn't there for their return either!


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