Monday, October 25, 2010

Firenze Fotos

Before I get on to the promised picture of Florence, I'd like to let you know that tomorrow is a very special blogging day.  And Thursday, is a very special aupair day.  So stay tuned!!!

And as I said, here are pictures of my (far too) short trip to Florence with Marissa my Love.  Explanations in captions...

(The Duomo Cathedral...inside and out)

(View of the Duomo from the Uffizi Gallery)

(OH MY GOD IT'S THE DAVID)             (Oh wait...this is a replica)     .

(Ponte Vecchio Bridge)

 (Two very important men in Italy's city of culture)

 (San Lorenzo Open Market)

(Typical Italian - smoking, working, and not caring)

(This store front gets set up every morning)

(This girl asked Marissa to take her picture.  No joke, it turned into a twenty minute photo session with the girl continually asking "one more" and switching poses and locations.  I just laughed)

(Sunset on the River Arno)

(Marissa and I enjoying a lovely glass of wine with dinner)

(Piazza de this guy is everywhere!
And for you musical theater nerds...this is "The Piazza" in which there is a "Light In")

(Panoramic view of the skyline line at night...a perfect ending)

Word of the Day: foto - pictures (Italian)

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