Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Status Update (or two...or...)

So I just got back from my epic vacation.  And yes it was wonderful.  However, I was supposed to be updating the entire time.  Not only that, but I was also supposed to be participating in this blogging event at SITS all about building a group of support blogs with a like minded theme - my group understandably being living abroad/travel.
But...the internet in Italy SUCKED.  Like hard core.  It would take ten minutes for a page to load.  I had to do with the quick email to the parents to let them know I'm ok, and a quick facebook update to make sure all my friend back home were jealous. :-D
So while I unpack the last seventeen days of my life, organize papers, clean my house, make my dinner, and very possibly watch an Italian movie, I'll leave you with the last seventeen days of facebook the hopes that you can get a good idea of what happened...and hopefully look forward to the full story...

Seventeen days worth of luggage is not going to pack itself. But if I sit here watching TV, maybe it will become motivated.

Pick up Fien, go to the Bakker, run some errands, get on a train, PEACE OUT Holland!

Enjoying cold Germany before heading to warm Italy

Its kind of official...I hate Oktoberfest

Teaching people linguistics while tipsy makes me happy

I have learned more drinking games from more foreign people in the past three nights than I knew to begin...US you are not ready for them!!!!

Goodbye Venice! Off to Florence to see the love of my life!

One hour in Florence and my previous definition of gelato has been thrown over a cliff and kicked on the way down.

Plan: full day of touring, followed by getting to wear a dress to go to dinner, followed by a night of music and wine...why are you so good to me Florence?

Ankle continuing to swell, but my dad's remedy of Tylenol and wine before bed seems to be helping.

Midnight view of the Firenze skyline...what a way to end a visit.

Six days in Rome with a side trip to Naples for pizza...hmmm...what to do first...

I feel inappropriate making cheap pasta with canned sauce for dinner.

You know when you say you've had heaven in your mouth? Unless you've had pizza from Naples, you were just exaggerating...

At one point I actually muttered "Holy Crap" while walking into a room of paintings in the Vatican. Inappropriate in so many ways.

Oh...hello buildings that were built 2700 years ago. I'm 24.

Union strike in Athens means the Acropolis costs free.99

The Grecian humidity and my hair have decided to single strandedly attempt to bring back the Farrah Fawcett look...they are failing...miserably.

Note to self: Two hours on a plane does not make up for not sleeping the night before. End of vacation = primetime.

Word of the day: status update (pronounced STAH-tus, UP-daht.) - status update


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Glad you;re home - for a short while.

  2. Welcome back and I feel you with the tribe stuff. I too was traveling this past week and missed out on most of the fun. I'm hoping to catch up this week if I can.

  3. Sounds like an all together great experience!


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