Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

Yes today is Tuesday.  But Today is a VERY SPECIAL Tuesday.  Because today is my...

200th POST!!!

(Commence fireworks and ticker tape parades)

I've been writing this blog for a little over a year now.  Although my first four were over the course of four months and were just me warming up to the idea of keeping a blog so that my family and friends could see what I was doing while abroad.
But here we are, 196 posts later.  Some of these entries have been heartfelt, some have been funny, some have been the epitome of lazy, and some (and by that I mean many) have been one just like this...a Top Ten.

And so in honor of it being my 200th, I'm going to attempt something that will probably require editing as soon as I hit "Publish Post."  But oh well.  Without furthur ado, I give you...


Family and Friends

Mexican Food

Tap Dancing

The Princess Bride

Holding Hands

The Beatles





Word of the Day: tweehonderd - two hundred

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  1. Congrats- keep it up! the longer you blog & the more you have invested, the more addicting it becomes :)

    I'll vote for loving Mexican food & wine!


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