Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can someone mail me an "I voted" sticker?

Today is Election Day!
Oh sorry.  All you Californians are sitting at your computers right now going “Er…no Libby…that was yesterday…Tuesday…it’s always on a Tuesday…did Ms. Papas’ Sophmore history class teach you nothing?!?!”
Now, I’m not going to talk politics.  I think I’ve mentioned this before.  I tried having a political debate once with my brother…it was…interesting.  I have my opinions and there are people who I know read this blogwould probably disagree with me on most of them.  However, just let me say…I LOVE voting.  I used to love getting up early with my roommate, going to get coffee and a bagel, going to the nearby school, casting my vote, getting my sticker to display proudly all day, and then walking out feeling like an important member of society.
So this absentee thing kinda sucks. Oh and I sent in my absentee registration.  But they probably didn’t get it in time.  Because I didn’t get an absentee ballot.  However, I’m fairly sure they will have gotten it in time for the general election which is the important one.
So what happened?  An old governor and a CEO or ebay are in the running.  I was a year old when Jerry Brown finished his governing-ship, and I saw and met Meg Whitman at a Girl Scout Power Breakfast that I attended.  But I don’t know much about either…don’t worry I will do my research for the generals!!
But who cares!  Because like the beginning of this blog post says…TODAY is election day.  That’s right…here in Holland, people are getting out there and voting.  Here the campaign begins three weeks before the election…before that…nothing…I don’t think people even know who is running.  No campaign posters, no commercials, no smearing of another’s name.
But when that three week mark hits…oh man!  Door to door politicians EVERY day.  Rogier has come up with a clever way to get rid of them.  He simply taught Fien how to say "VVD!!!!"  Which is the political party for whom they are voting  And she just yells that at people at the door.  Can you imagine a Meg Whitman supporter coming up to your door and having your two year old yell “DEMOCRATS DEMOCRATS DEMOCRATS!!!”  It’s pretty hilarious.  Oh and it’s not just politicians…the mail man, the workmen on the roof, and the neighbors…they are all subjected to the party affiliation of Fien.

Read more about the elections here.

And…happy voting day everyone!

Word of the Day: verkiezingen - elections


  1. Here in Cancun it's July 4th :)

    haha that's a great idea... I just tell people I'm foreign and can't vote before they even start.

  2. We had or primary last month here. Happy voting!


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