Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top Ten: Barcelona

Ok sorry for the lame post yesterday.  But at least now you know what we had to go through to get hereª
It’s so funny because things like that Nina just brushes off while I get really riled up by them, but then things like waking up early and lots of walking I don’t mind, but Nina seems to not like.  And yet we keep each other going, sane, and (more or less) not bitchy.  Because we’re good sisters. :-D
Anyway, since I’ve stolen the computer during an irregularly un-busy time (the Spain game is on...theyçve already scored), I figured I’d take a moment to do a little scheduled posting for tonight.  
As you are reading this we’ve arrived in Malaga.  And since it’s Tuesday, I’ll do a top ten.  (Don’t worry…I still have a (late) father’s day post and top ten coming.  Because if Mom gets one then so does Daddy.)  But for now let’s stick to Spain.And then you can look forward to reading all about the different places we went to later when I can post in our new hostel.  Since most of them are touristy places, I was able to just google image search these pictures.  So here are Nina’s and my…


Watch the Holland vs. Japan game surrounded by Dutch people in a Sports Bar

See the things we were originally looking forward to including Picasso and Guadi

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic in Parc de la Ciutadella

Run around the pier late at night taking pictures

Visit Olympic Stadium

Visit the Football Club of Barcelona Museum and Stadium

Discover tapas, paella, and sangria

Walk down los Rambles – one of the coolest shopping/touristy streets ever!

Get lost among the building and side streets of Old Town
Buy some fun (but still in our budget!) souvenirs

We have a bunch of photos and stories too share so stay tuned!!

Word of the Day: Turístic – Tourist (Catalan)


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