Friday, June 11, 2010

Fever Friday: World Cup

It’s Friday and you know what that means!
Alliteration time!!!  Who knew there were so many non-offensive F words out there?  And this time it’s

Fever Friday is all about things that are hot right now.  Things that I’ve gotten swept up in thanks to the endless amount of enthusiasm surrounding me.  So what’s more appropriate than…


That’s right.  Today kicks off the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.  And I’m super excited!
I was never one to follow the world cup.  In fact I could not tell you a thing about any of the previous cups…winners, locations, teams (Besides naming countries.)  And if I still lived in the US, I probably would still not care.  But here in Holland…IT IS ON!  Alongside windmills, clogs, and speed skating, soccer (or football if I want to sound correct) ranks high up there with “all things Dutch.” And the Dutch team is on fire this year!
Now let me explain Dutch World Cup Fever…because it’s in a class all it’s own.  The entire country has turned Orange.  Remember Queen’s Day?  Well it just keeps on going.  But with…more.  It’s like Superbowl status on crack with the amount of random crap you can buy…boas, beer holders, cowboy hats, horns, jerseys, sunglasses…and it’s all Orange (with hints of the Red, White, and Blue flag of course.) I’ve still got my Queens Day pigtails and stunna shades ready.  And Nina is coming armed with an orange shirt.  My fellow American expat Mags went to an exhibition game last month…this is the stadium…
Crazy right? Sports bars, regular bars, fast food places, even fancy restaurants are advertising their broadcasts of the games.  The local supermarkets are giving out random knick knacks with certain purchases, and having been caught up in the Fever, I’ve begun to collect the jersey pins from the Vomar.  I’ve got seven so far, but I’m still on the hunt for US, England, and Holland.
So who are you rooting for?  I, of course, am rooting for the US.  Especially when our first game is against England tomorrow night! (Kate…you’re goin’ down ya teapot!)  But, I can also root for the Netherlands!  Because they are in a completely separate bracket the entire time unless both teams happen to make it to the finals.  Oh and how cool would that be?

Yep...i'ts official…I’ve caught the fever.

Word of the day: voetbal - football (soccer)


  1. I'm in the same boat as you. Never paid attention to the World Cup until 4 years ago, right after I moved to Mexico. It's insane here...

    Today, everyone stopped work at the office to watch the opening game (South Africa vs Mexico!!!!!!!!!)

  2. if only we were going to portugal...i would love it.

  3. My husband and all his friends had some huge party for it this morning before the US game. I just look at it as making me a soccer widow until it's over! ;)


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