Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Follow-up

It's time for another themed Friday!

Follow-up Friday is going to be me wrapping up things from previous blogs.  Usually things I think of afterward or things that you readers bring to my attention!  So here goes!

5/18 - I thought about it, and I now realize that in this Top Ten, I should have included Brad Pitt.  Because he is a versatile actor.  Oh well.

5/19 - Thank you everyone for your wonderful and kind words.  It's normal to feel homesick, but not everyone can publicly air the grievances in the self-serving attempt to get strangers to empathize.  No seriously...I appreciate it.

5/26 - My new TV show shall be...(drum roll please)...Gilmore Girls!  I've seen maybe three episodes ever.  But I never disliked it.  And it was one of those shows that everyone my age was watching when it was airing, but I wasn't nearly cool enough to do that.  Also I didn't care.  Of course that's all changed now.  I guess I'm making up for all my lack of coolness.

5/27 - I am seeing Sex and the City 2 TONIGHT!  This is a scheduled post.  I am probably watching it right now as you are reading.  I will watch it with or without company.  It's been too long.  Also, I made th mistake of looking at Jason Lewis on IMDB (he was in an episode of How I Met Your Mother) so I have one more prediction...Smith comes back and sweeps Samantha off her feet.  Sigh.  I love him. keep your mouth shut.

Word of the Day: correctie - correction


  1. OMG, don't eeeeeven get me started on Gilmore Girls. I. Am. So. Freaking. Obsessed. I finished all 7 seasons in less than a year. Seriously. Lame, party of Ali!

    And don't you worry your pretty little head, I reveal nothing about SATC 2!! Other than the fact that I lurved it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls...still go back and watch it...they are hilarious to the point that I would cry laughing...oh, so good:) Have fun! Ps. having so much fun reading your blog cuz i was just in Holland on vacation for two weeks...amazing!

  3. I loved the Gilmore Girls but hated how it ended. The first few seasons are GREAT though. Enjoy SATC 2!


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