Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I think Ryan Air isn’t worth it

Alright I know I know…it’s been a while.  There is no wireless internet in our hostel (well apparently there is but it doesn’t work on Macs or something…I don’t know.)
Anyway…we haven’t been able to post because although we had internet availability and a USB, it would have been a hassle to upload pictures onto the USB, then try to then upload them on a computer room computer, then write a blog, all while twenty other people are breathing down your neck waiting for the computer.

So here’s my impromptu, quickly posted blog for today (p.s….did you all enjoy my first vlog last Tuesday?  You should check it out if you haven’t!)…

Nina and I got SUPER cheap tickets to Spain…oh wait…

Cost of Noordwijk to Eindhoven (3 hours) – 17 Euros
Cost of stay in Eindhoven due to lack of train schedule (nine hours overnight) – 35 Euros
Cost of flight from Eindhoven to Reus (1.5 hours)– 27 Euros
Cost of Reus to Barcelona (1.5 hours plus the 2 hour wait) – 13 Euros
Cost of baggage fee x3 – 45 Euros
Cost of overlarge baggage fee (even though it wasn’t) x3 – 120 Euros
Cost of Barcelona to Girona (1.5 hours)– 12 Euros
Cost of Girona to Malaga (1.5 hours) – 25 Euros
Cost of Malaga to Eindhoven (3 hours) – 25 Euros
Cost of Eindhoven to Noordwijk (3 hours plus maybe a stop in Leiden for the world Cup Netherlands match) – 17 Euros
Total (26 hours) – 331 Euros

Average Cost of Noordwijk to Schiphol to Barcelona to Malaga to Schiphol to Noordwijk (7 hours) – 350 Euros
Cost of Convenience: Priceless

Word of the Day: gedoe - hassle


  1. I hear mixed things about this air line. I have yet to ride on them. I hope the trip goes back smoothly.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA oh well. Lesson learned, right? Hope your trip is amazing!

  3. ahhh that really sucks! i warned you about ryan air but easyjet is just as bad too.


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