Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Museums...information for the people who didn't pay attention in school

So like I said…today is all about Barcelona Museums…and oh man did we hit them all!!
Ok actually…we could have hit a LOT more.  By could have, I mean there are a million bazillion different museums in Barcelona.  By could have I do not mean that we had the time, energy, or funds to visit them all.  Because we didn’t…mainly the energy.  You get museum’d out.  But we still visited a bunch…

The one I was looking forward to the most…and the biggest disappointment.  I liked his works, but I’m all about the “popular” Picasso works…and by that I mean his cubism, nose where an ear should be and triangle boobs under the eyes.  I LOVE that.  But this museum was all about his early work…drawings, blue period, and “realistic” pieces.  There was one room with some cubism, but it was seven different versions of the same painting.  Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the museum, I just wish there had been more.  Plus we got in on Sunday after 3:00 so it cost us $free.99.  And the building itself was BEAUTIFUL.

Again free admission on Sunday, and right across the street form the Picasso, we ventured into a tiny three room exhibit.  Not much to actually see, although there was a constant reel of fashion videos from all eras dating back to the 1920s.  And there was a really cool display of fashion magazines.  Apparently there was another floor in another entrance which involved actually “costumes” from the 18th century and earlier (which is what I wanted to see) but we somehow missed it.  Ah well.

Um…yea…three rooms about chocolate…need I say more?  Ok I will...There was the history of chocolate, how you make chocolate, and chocolate sculptures.  And your ticket was a chocolate bar.  And in the end a café with sweet treats including liquid chocolate.  Not hot chocolate…just liquid drinkable heaven.  Definitely one of my favorites.

The inside of the famous building built by Gaudi was a walk through of a typical apartment of the time.  Or as typical as you can get without having a single wall be straight.  It was pretty cute and filled with many old-fashioned little knick-knacks, appliances, and details.  We also went up to the famous roof, which is much cooler, but I’ll talk about that in another post.

It was closed for refurbishing.  We ate in the café though which was opened…we were starving.

Futbol Club of Barcelona Museum - Camp Nou Experience
We sprung for the full treatment at this museum/stadium.  And oh man was it worth it.
Probably my favorite museum and I’m not even a follower of football (besides my current World Cup obsession.)  So it’s safe to say that it was definitely my sister’s favorite.  The whole thin was organized so well you were sure to catch everything.  First there was a room filled with all the trophies the team has one (including the six trophies possibly able to win, all won by the football club last year…the only team ever to have done so), a history/display of their uniforms over the years, and this amazing interactive wall with a timeline and you could touch it and pull up videos, pictures, etc.  Super cool...
Then you’re led to the upper level of the stadium to view the field, which was pretty amazing...
Then you get to go down where you can see the press room, the locker room (including the therapist station…hot tub!), a chapel (blessed by the pope), and go onto the field.  Well not onto the field, but onto the sidelines...
And you can sit in the SUPER boujie players’ seats.  We’re talking cushioned, reclinable, fancy-ness...
And after that there are all sorts of rooms with videos, interactive walls, a room about football club spirit, and a couple other fun things.
Then…there’s the store.  The largest FCB store in Spain, it is two floors of anything and everything you’ve ever wanted FCB wise.  Jerseys (with players or your names on them), shoes, pencils, shot glasses, boxers, flags, scarves, dog sweaters…you name it.  It was super cool...
And since the World Cup is going on, Nina and I enjoyed finding our respective teams among all the Spain paraphernalia.

Well…six museums in four days is not a bad track record.  This doesn’t include all the various other things we read/visited surrounding other works of art/tourist attractions.  And I guess I’ll just have to visit the other ones when I go back. :-D

Word of the Day: museu - museum (Catalan)

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