Monday, December 6, 2010

I did not get Shoe Fruit

Well, Sinterklaas came and went.  It was a pretty awesome little party.
Photos from the actual night (along with the awesome presents) will be up shortly.

But until then...let's talk about when Sinterklaas first arrived a couple weeks ago.
Since Noordwijk is on the sea, and he comes by boat it only made sense that he should arrive in our fair city.  And just like last year...Santa comes with the need for speed!  Yep...he arrives on a speedboat which is then hoisted onto the sand by this other mechanical thing...
See him?  Yea!  I actually got a picture of him this year!

Fien, being a year older, and no longer afraid, had a blast waiting for him with Papa...

And enjoying the company of the yet to be deemed racist Zwarte Piet (and their accompanying Peppernoten!)...

Once the crowd got a little crazy, we decided to head out.  Suzan being unbelieveably pregnant had held back with Aunt Hester, Uncle Maarten, and cousin Quinten, who, not being as old and mature and experienced as Fien, was not enjoying the festivities.  Fien (having all the above named qualities) attempted to calm him to no avail...

With the crowd following Sint like sheep, we took advantage of the desserted beach for some quick family photos...
Me and my munchkin

Mama, Papa, Fien

The neighbors - mom is also pregnant!

Later as we wondered down the Hoofdstraat, we entered the Hema only to find SINTERKLAAS WAS IN THERE!  Unlike mall appearances, this was a once a year, couple hours in the day sort of thing.  And as we entered the workers swept Fien in to be the last kid seen by Sinterklaas!  What a lucky girl!
She was a little cautious, but once Mama stepped in, all was fine...

AND the mayor even came over, Shook Fiens hand, and held her up for a photo!  She had no idea who he was however, so she was a little weirded out...
(Suzan believes this is because I had my big camera and looked like press - which I totally believe)

It was a wonderful day!  My only regret is that I didn't get my own photo with Sinterklaas or a Zwarte Piet.  Oh well.  Fien still had a fabulous day...

And to continue from the last post with "Sinterklaas in the Media" - allow me to share with you a Stephen Colbert clip from his very first season, five years ago!

What's funny is, if I had seen this five years ago, I would have thought it was ridiculous.  Now I know that (besides the shoe fruit) it's completely true...which makes it that much better!

Word of the Day: Zwarte Piet - Black Peter


  1. haha the colbert link was perfect

  2. Sinterklaas day looks like so much fun in Noordwijk! I was in Utrecht that day, and it wasn't as huge - but I guess it makes sense because Utrecht's a university town. I was visiting a friend there, after visiting another friend in his hometown, Haarlem. :)


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