Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Follow-up:

Hooray for being back on schedule!  Wow!  We've had A Piece of Me, A top Ten Tuesday, and now an alliterated Friday!  So today it's...

Now since it's been a while, some of these you may not actually remember...but that's a chance I'm willing to let's begin...

February 7 - Wow!  Million years ago!  But it doesn't matter.  Because one of the pictures I posted on that site has been selected for the 2012 (yea I have to wait a year) I Can Haz Cheezburger Day by Day Calendar!  I'm so excited...and it's pretty adorable too if I do say so myself...
So go out and buy it!
In a year...

September 2 - Before I started watching the Gilmore Girls, I couldn't have cared less about movies just because Alexis Bledel or Lauren Graham were in them.  But then I discovered this movie and besides being completely in love with the other main characters in this movie, she plays the Mom and I was excited!
Oh but that's not the point of this Follow-up...the!

September 29 - Yes I'm still obsessed with watching these videos online.  But apparently...I'm not the only one!  Check it out!  (P.S. the last one is priceless)

October 5 - I finally uploaded my photos of me at Oktoberfest so you can go check me and my dirndl out. Pretty good I must say...

October 25 - I totally forgot that I had this photo.  I've been saving it for probably the entire time I've been here waiting until I went to Florence and saw the David.  Ok I didn't actually see the David, but I saw a replica.  Plus this picture is hilarious...

October 29 - Yea, fairly sure this one is self-explanatory...GO GIANTS! (However, come March, it's back to GO OAK-TOWN)

November 1 - On the title I wrote that we weren't going to have turkey...we did.  Just sayin.  I'll actually write a post about it...eventually.

Word of the Day: ingehaald - caught up

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