Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Ten: 30 minutes of Holiday Cheer

Being once again in the Christmas mood, I decided to do another themed...

And this one also ties in with my...

All the Christmas episodes are coming out now, which makes me happy.  And it got me thinking about my favorite ones.  When I looked back at some series though I was surprised to realize that some just weren't big on the holiday themed episodes...in fact all of my just watched series - Frasier, Cheers, and Gilmore Girls were scarce on the Holiday Cheer and the ones they did have didn't have the stuff to make it on the list.  Ah well...
If you've seen any of these episodes, you'll know they're adorable.  And if you haven't...be on the lookout this holiday season...those reruns are popular!
So here are my...


Season 7
Ross wants to teach Ben about Hanukkah, but can't think of any type of character that can compete with Santa.  Then the costume store has nothing left and he's stuck in a giant armored outfit attempting to explain the Festival of Lights only to have Chandler show up as the Jolly man in the big red suit and overshadow the "weird turtle man thing".
(This runs a close second to The One With The Routine but that one is technically about New Years not Christmas)

Will & Grace
Season 5
Grace continually switches her date for Christmas Eve from Will to her new husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr...sigh) based on Leo's on call duties.  The continuous calls back and forth are funny, but even better is Jack and Karen wearing bathrobes in their expensive hotel suite and ordering room service just so they can carol to the bellhops.

Season 2
Claymation...self explanatory.

Big Bang Theory
Season 2
Probably the funniest episode of Big Bang ever if just for the final sixty seconds.  Penny brings gifts over for the boys and Sheldon must then figure out the gift equivalent without knowing what he is equivocating it to.  But when he does open his gift...it seems he was unprepared...

30 Rock
Season 3
This one is on here for many reasons, but for one above all others...Elaine Stritch and Alec Baldwin singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."  And she's apparently back this year!  Can't wait!

Modern Family
Season 1
Christmas gets canceled over and over again as the Phil and Clair try to figure out who was smoking in the house.  At the same time Cam and Mitchell share Christmas dinner with Santa after getting him fired...only to fear for their lives should he ever find out it was their doing.

Raising Hope
Season 1
This episode shows a new twist on "sacrifice for family during the holidays" with the must have toy of the year being passed around for favor upon favor.

Full House
Season 2
I haven't seen it in years, but I still remember this episode.  Stephanie wonder how Santa will find her family when they're stuck at an airport on Christmas Eve.  The mystical element at the end when Joay is revealed to NOT have been the Santa that just visited caused me to believe in him for just a little longer.

Season 3
The classic Psych comedy combined with Mall Santas, Nativity scenes, and Phylicia Rashad is a thing of beauty.

Season 8
Ok it's not technically a Christmas episode.  But it did premiere right before Christmas and it had the mystery of who killed Trudy tied back to a special Christmas gift Trudy left for Adrian their last Christmas together.  A very heart warming episode.

Well..as you all enjoy your Christmas breaks and catch up on the tivo, let me know what your favorites have been!

Word of the Day: geest - spirit


  1. Oh, I love the armadillo episode! Poor Ross, he's almost always wrong-footed!

    Dropping by from SITS

  2. I love that Friends episode!!!! Modern Family CRACKS me up!


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