Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I only did one of these two posts ago...yes...I need to get writing again.  BUT since this is so easy, I have no excuse.  Here's...a Piece of Me.

This month (December)…
I like: that I can officially start playing Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas is You" and not feel weird about it.

I don't like: the cold!!!!  It is already snowing!!!  And it was -10 C today!!!  WHY THE FACE?!

I want you to know: that Lady Gaga was in Noordwijk at this boujie hotel and Fien and I fer realsies took a picture (drawn by Fien) to the front desk and asked them to deliver it.  I don't know if they did, and I have no way of knowing because Lady Gaga is offline right now for the World AIDS day campaign (which you should TOTALLY go and support).

I've planned: Christmas in Prague!  My favorite city in Europe seems like the perfect place to spend the holidays (besides the Bay Area.)  Plus I'm seeing the Nutcracker and Swan Lake.  And then on my way home, a stop in Munich to see what the cities like when it's not covered in Beer.

I want to say to someone special:
dear Sinterklaas - I've been very good this year.

Picture of the Month:

(Miss you family!  Have a wonderful Holiday Season)

Word of the Day: December -December


  1. I hear Prague is wonderful!! Enjoy the holiday season!

  2. I like posts like this - gives a nice insight :)

    Weather has been crazy over here... Today and tomorrow in the 70's (winter, huh? where?) and then we get colder weather ("summer lite" is what I call it) for 3 days (in the 50's), then back to the 70's again. Crazy.. Doctor Weather. Lol.

    Great picture!


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