Friday, December 3, 2010

You better watch better not cry...

Hi everyone!  I have many more travel entries to write, but I think I figured out a way to do that.  So today I'm going to tell you about something else...

SINTERKLAAS!  You all remember Sinterklaas right?  The Dutch (skinny/racist) version of Santa?
Well he's in town.  And we're celebrating this weekend!

So to get you in the holiday season, I'd like to share this with you...

Ok here's what's going down... (because yes, I actually UNDERSTAND IT!!!)

If there's a full moon on Dec 5 (Sinterklaas Dag), Sinterklaas comes back from the dead to take revenge for his brutal watch out!
Then a guy has a gift for a girl...but actually it's not a gift it's SEX!! (Chances are, he dies.)
Then a little boy gets told Sinterklaas doesn't exist because he's scared.
And then a guy wants to stop the celebration of Sinterklaas...all festivities!
And then we discover that the 5th is NOT Sint's birthday, but rather his MURDER DAY!
And then a random guy says the obligatory horror film statement of irony, this one being "Presents are nice, but you end up getting things you don't want."
And then a famous song (along the lines of Santa Claus is Coming to Town) gets song by a girl with a creepy voice.
And then a guy says "we're gonna need a bigger boat." (or something else, I wasn't listening)

Wow!  Doesn't it seem awesome? Don't you want to see this movie?
Actually...I do not.  And not because I will not be having my childhood mythical creatures destroyed by slasher films thank you very much, but rather because (as unscary as it looks) I DO NOT like scary movies.  Cannot handle them.  My mother did not watch Diabolique while I was in her tummy. (Inside joke - my grandma did that.)

So now I'm going to go upstairs, pray for no nightmares, and take comfort in the fact that the fifth is actually a new moon - as far from a full moon as you can get.

Hartelijke Sinterklaas Dag!

Word of the day: vechtjas - slasher (BUT "slasher film" is "slasher" in Dutch)

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  1. I don't like scary movies either! Hope you're having a great holiday season!


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