Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten: Travel Albums

Today's top ten list is inspired by two things...
1. I watched High Fidelity, and he's always naming top 5 albums of some kind.
2. I noticed on my last train ride (that included 4 transfers and endless waiting,) that there are certain albums/mixes that no matter what I'm doing - driving, cleaning, or sitting on a train trying to fall asleep - I will always listen to them.  The funny thing is, I wouldn't actually call them my top ten Favorite albums...that's a list for another time, and a lot more consideration.  And they're not necessarily my favorite artists either - you don't see Lady Gaga or the Beatles on there.  No, they are just my...


Legally Blonde; the Musical

Bowling for Soup's A Hangover You Don't Deserve

Elaine Stritch: At Liberty

The Best of Times; The Best of Styx

Bea Arthur: Just Between Friends

Tenacious D's Tenacious D

Finding Nemo; the Musical

18th Birthday Mix - 18 songs compiled for me by my Aunt

Rat Pack Mix - Any and all songs by any and all of them that I've collected over the years.

The "I Luv My Zister" mix - made for me by David when I left for college
(I know...a brief yet shining moment of sweet-ness)

What are your favorite albums to listen to?

Oh and don't worry, I now have a regular schedule, so there will be posts about Vienna, Zurich, snowboarding, and so many other things in the next week.

Word of the Day: muziek - music


  1. I love the rat pack! They're all so good! I have to admit it, I'm a big big fan of Britney Spears so I have all of her albums

  2. haha libby how is it we have completely different tastes in music but always come up with a magical dance party? it must be love...and lady gaga. according to itunes my top 10 are...
    fleet foxes
    little joy
    buffy sainte marie
    mumford & sons
    coeur de pirate
    lady gaga
    django reinhardt
    astrud gilberto

  3. Hello over here! I am all over the place but mostly alternative rock and rock and some pop!


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