Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top Ten Time tittered Timothy to Titus

So as I continue on this blogging journey that I’m on (and thoroughly enjoying btw,) I continue to look for things that are fun for bloggers.  And one of the things I continually come across is a weekly series-ed post.  And alliteration.  Apparently alliteration makes for great blog titles. After more browsing (I do a lot of this…none of my ideas are original) I came up with lists.  Hey!  I do those already.  I like them because they are easy and (hopefully sometimes) funny.  So I will combine all collected suggestions into a lovely pot and serve steaming hot with a side of bread.  And what is the list d'jour you ask?  I will be doing Top Tens!  I know! However, it should also be noted that these are not Letterman style lists...there is no particular order, I will start, not end, with #1, and I will not attempt to infuse pop culturally significant jokes into the mix.  Ok so guess what day we’re doing it on?  WEDNESDAY!   Yep!  Top Ten Wedne…wait.  Oh that’s right…Top Ten TUESDAY!!  That’s TRIPLE alliteration.  I think I get bonus points for that.  It’s worth at least three in Scattergories, provided Pat didn’t also come up with it (stupid-head never lets me win.)  
Anyway…to start it off, I figured I should do something appropriate to this being the first one and relate it to my blog.  But I didn’t want it to be too repetitive…there’s only so many times I can tell you I miss home before you stop caring (family, you’re a different story…this is why we email.)  But I couldn’t get home out of my head…so I give you…

My Top Ten Favorite Places in California

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Pier 39

Oakland A’s Stadium

Jelly Belly Factory

Corona Del Mar Beach


Lake Tahoe

UC Irvine


Sound fun?  Do a top ten for your state!  Let me know you did it!  Hooray!
Word of the Day: Tien - ten


  1. Um, you and your siblings all look like triplets. And it's adorable.


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