Monday, February 1, 2010

A piece of me (February edition)

It's time, once again, for "A Piece of Me."  It's a game started by someone else, but I'm joining in.  If you'd like to join too, feel free!  Let me know you are and then head over to my fellow Dutchie, The Tooth Fairy, and tell her, since she started it.

 This month (February)…

I like: That every three out of four years, the month is exactly four weeks long making the dates in this month exactly the same as the month following.

I don't like: That poor February has to feel inferior surrounded by two 31 day months.  Talk about calender envy.

I want you to know: that I am officially a bomb meatballs with gravy maker.  I'd say three lekker successes and no failures constitutes that claim ya?

I've planned: an amazing 10 day trip to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and Bern.  2 operas, one amusement park, several museums, and snowboarding in the alps. Jealous?

I want to say to someone special: Dear Cupid, You suck.

Picture of the month:

Word of the Day: Februari - February


  1. I love February, because my first little chica was born then! Have a Terrific Tuesday...

    Behavior Modification-Big-Time

  2. February was fun. But now its May. WHERE ARE YOU???


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