Monday, August 16, 2010

I Blame Giambi

Usually when I talk to people here and they ask where I'm from I say San Francisco.  It's the easiest because if you know a city on the west coast, chances are it's San Francisco.  However if for some reason we start to talk about sports, they then assume that I am a Giants fan.  And when you assume you make an ass out of u and any other Giants fans out there.  Ok I don't actually hate the Giants.  And congrats to them for actually doing well...always.
But I am an A's fan.  Oak-town pride.
I discovered said pride ironically when I moved away from the green and gold to the land of blue/red (otherwise known as Dodgers and Angels.)  Because nothing makes you become more in love with your home then being 300 (or 5371) miles away from it.  And I LOVE going to baseball games.  It's one of the many things I miss being over here.
And yes...I know...we suck.  But we're doing better than the Mariners...knock on wood.

Anyway when I moved here, Mags, the Maine girl, had Fien looking like this...

But now (and thanks to Nina,) I'm proud to say that Fien looks like this...

Oh yea!  Go A's!

Of course when asked to say Go Anything, her response is "Go Nederlands."  So...

Here's a couple more shots from our little photo shoot.  Enjoy.

Don't you love how much Fien has grown up? It's incredible.

Word of the Day: baseball - baseball (yea, they don't play it so they don't have their own word for it)


Isn't it amazing how we all live for comments? So please...don't let me starve.


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