Thursday, August 5, 2010

Piece of Me: Lazy, Hazy and Late

So guess wht I realized?  I never did an "A Piece of Me!"  I's one thing to fall behind on your recounting of your adventures...but to forget something that's due on the first and is an easy blog cop out for the day?  Then again I'm always forgetting stuff like this.  It's why I have payment reminders for my credit card.
So here is A Piece of Me...

This month (August)…
I like: that it's still summer.  People may be going back to school, but I'm not...I get to sit around enjoying the sun for at least another month.

I don't like: that this is probably the last month to really enjoy the beach...because it's going to start getting

I want you to know: that I realize that I am a hypocrite when I said I would never again spend another winter in snow...whoops.

I've planned: a trip to London to see one of my really good friends Kate.  And while we're there I'm going to pop in on all my fabulous British friends I made while traveling.  And then Kate and I are going to go see Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Superior in Sister Act the Musical.

I want to say to someone special:
Fien...I can't believe you're three.  You're just so big.

Picture of the Month:

Word of the Day:  Augustus - August


  1. Can't wait! I haven't been down to London yet since i've been back :)

  2. Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Superior??? She should be the lead :(

  3. Thanks for stopping by earlier! Here to return the favor!

    Your London trip sounds just lovely!


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