Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She-Woman Man-Haters Club

Not only are there rain storms happening outside my window right now, but there are winds howling and reaching up to 30 miles an hour.  And there's this lovely garden next to my house situated between my house and another two story and it creates the perfect wind tunnel...perfect for rattling windows, and keeping me awake all night.  Even when it wasn't raining, venturing outside was a risk because it was actually difficult at times to push the stroller.  And then when Fien was walking the wind ALMOST KNOCKED HER OVER.  I kid you not.
So instead we had a wonderful day indoors.

Since we were going to be stuck inside all day, first we needed a headquarters.  A place to go to make plans for the day.  Hence...
The Fort
P.S. No boys allowed.
P.P.S. Papa doesn't count.

Fien really liked it...

Then we needed food.  And since being inside sucks all the energy out of you, what could be better than...
And no...they've never had them before.  And yes...they were delicious.  And do not get cavities just by looking at them.  And yes...those were pink marshmallows. MMMMMM

Of course, eventually we had to take the tent down.  That was a sad time...

But I made it up by reading one of my favorite books which has now become Fien's favorite and also the only one she chooses for me to read (because it's the only one she currently owns in English)...

So overall...
Day deemed a Success!!

Word of the Day: vesting - fort

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  1. My husband and his friends have a He-Man Woman's Haters Club but yours is WAY cooler!!

    Come by when you can...


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