Monday, August 30, 2010

They're called siestas in Spain

Ok so...I still have to tell you about a ton of things.  Like 4th of July (maybe I'll post that one on the 4th...just to pretend like it was planned), Antwerp (or maybe not...Chocolate, beer, and waffles...done), Paris (that one might take a while), Fien's Birthday (including DORA cake), and London (from which I just got back!!)
But right now I'm going to bed.  And since I can't even stay awake long enough to skype with my family at home, I'll leave you with this...

We're trying to get Fien wiened of her necessity for afternoon naps.
Why, I have no clue, because I still enjoy the occasional one every once and a while.  But we're trying.'s not working...
Note: I was gone five minutes.

Word of the day: slaape -nap (or "a sleep")


  1. Hilarious! How kids fall asleep in such strange positions!

  2. Is she actually sleeping standing up?! Hahahaha. Priceless.


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