Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well I ain't no Dickens, but I'll take it

Anyone who has a blog is a writer with a story to tell.  And now with the wonders of the internet age, these blogs are turned into books, and movies, and tv shows, and any and all things.  And I like being a part of that.
So I'm writing a book.  Not just any book.  A children's book...series.  It's a series really.  And it's all about this little girl named Fien and her awesome aupair Libby.  And how they go on adventures.  Like in one book, they'll go to the circus.  And in another, they'll go on a sledding trip.  Where I come up with this stuff I'll never know...I'm just that creative I tell you.Anyway, here's your chance to preorder said books.  Get'em while you can!!!
Alright maybe that's a little preemptive.  Seeing as I've written twenty lines of a first book, have no publisher, can't draw to save my life, and will probably be a lazy butt about it for the next two months.  But if you really want a sneak's my picture for the very first page of the very first book...

That's my foot.
I know.  I can feel my amazon rating rising as I type.
Alright so maybe I'm not a writer...yet.

But I did find this fun online analyzer that tells you which writer your style of writing is most similar too.  It's called I Write Like.  Apparently the creators of the program were not the creative type themselves.
And apparently I'm all over the place.
When I write a travel entry, it says I'm like Dan Brown.  It's probably all the ellipses.
When I try and be funny with an anecdote, I'm P.G. Wodehouse.  Which is awesome!
And when I write about a significant experience, I channel Jane Austen.  Well she had to be in there somewhere I suppose.
And when I do an entire page of my blog (as in the last five or so entries,) I'm apparently Cory Doctorow.  So really...I'm meant to be a blogger.  I guess it was inevitable.  Plus i think he wrote a non-fiction book about Disneyland.

Anyway...have fun analyzing your writing.  And tell me who you're like!

Word of the Day: schrijver - writer

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