Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dankje Sinterklaas!

Today was Sinterklaas! As you read from before, today is the day of receiving gifts and poems from that awesome dude in a red dress and his black-faced henchmen, Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten.
I started out the day unlike any other present laden morning I’ve experienced – by sleeping in. After getting up, making a bomb pesto pasta lunch, taking a shower, and getting all pretty, I went in the house to wish a Happy Sinterklaas to the family. They had just come back from Christmas tree shopping!! They even got me a tiny one for my house…Then I went back in my house to get ready for the party, which included dawning my red coat brought out only on awesome occasions. Fien really liked it, especially because my lips matched, as did her dress. We left the house with the family and arrived at Rogier’s brother’s house. There I met Rogier’s brother, sister-in-law, and nephew (who was wearing possibly my favorite shirt ever…)I also met his sister-in-law’s brother, and mother. Also joining us was Oma Ria – Rogier’s mom and the one who I visit every Wednesday with Fien. We were having a great time, sharing stories, sipping wine, and enjoying cheese and crackers, when there was a knock on the door!!! Who could it be?
When we opened the door, there were sacks of presents! Fien ran outside calling for Sinterklaas but then explained to us (yes she explained, not vice versa) that Sinterklaas had moved on to the next house already so there was no point in calling him. But it didn’t matter because he had left presents and it was time to haul them in…Of course the kids dived right in grabbing for any and not waiting to figure out if it was for them or not. After emptying out the bags…everyone eventually managed to get his or her own as well as read their poems out loud. I didn’t understand any of them, but I understood the sentiment to be nice. I too got a poem and it was really sweet (and in English.) I actually got a little choked up at the end of it. Then it was time to open presents! Fien loved all of hers...And she also wanted to help everyone else open theirs...Sinterklaas brought me some chocolate, some really nice lotion, a book on childcare, and money which is to pay for my train discount pass. I was so touched that “Sinterklaas” had thought of me.
We ended the night with some delicious pumpkin soup and some songs both sung and played…I even knew some of them having learned them at the Sinterklaas Party last weekend!
It was a really great night! I’m glad I have already become a part of this family. I’m touched they thought to invite me as well as were thoughtful enough to buy me gifts. Of course there’s won’t be here till Christmas unfortunately.
So now it’s off to bed. But for all of you still in the Sinterklaas spirit…enjoy…

Word of the Day: zingen - sing

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